Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sek Yuen Restaurant, Jalan Pudu

Last weekend was a food genocide session *as Peakie D alwiz called it*
our dearie friends fr Spore came up to KL for the weekend to stuff themselves crazy with local hawkers delicacies
and we *ok ok only me* used this opportunity to stuff meself crazy too :D
I lack of "kakis" who can do this with me in KL       
J&J James smoking exactly 5 feet away fr the building
so Singaporean -_-"
this is Malaysia lar...smoke anywhere u want

since they've never try this place, we thought it would be an experience to bring our city slicker friends to a very old and traditional restaurant left in the heart of KL
a legendary chinese restaurant with dishes that were almost extinct in KL coz the Chef is about 70 years old                                                    
reservation is a must when u come to Sek Yuen
it was only 6.30pm and everyone sat to the brim
there are a few dishes that needed pre-ordering as well

Staffs busy preparing mis-en-place
everything looked chaotic but it was an organised chaos
they just know exactly where is wat and wat is where

an award winning pic captured by Mr. JS using his new toy
he refused to let me blog bout his new toy *yet*
dun worry readers, it will be unveiled soon

if u happened to park at the back of the restaurant near to Pudu LRT, u'll see stacks and stacks of chopped wood pieces
yeah it's for cooking
their soup, rice and some outstanding dishes were prepared using WOOD FIRE!!!!!

re-living the old chinese banquet dishes - the cold hors d'oeuvre
I was told that the cold chicken terrine is a must try
the one in the middle...and to try it I had to order this entire dish

It wasn't up to our expectations
I guess when ppl set the bar so high, u tend to have a minimum level of expectations
or just maybe I wasn't a terrine person
would prefer the cold shanghainese drunken chicken anytime :)))))))))

deep fried nam yee pork ribs
this dish was specially ordered for Qigong Richard
in Singapore, they can't get fresh pork so all their pork produce has got a different taste *apparently*
with antibiotics and all
well importing meat is a serious issue

a small token of green vege
coz there were just too much meat and I didn't even order their famous toufu

u must be wondering why are we pulling the hand brakes as we ordered
coz everyone was saving stomachs for the next round of meal
that's wat food genocide is all about

the famous steamed sliced pork with salted fish
if u prefer beef they do it similarly with sliced beef and ginger

each day, they have the soup of the day prepared with slow wood fire
we had pig stomach soup with lotsa chicken feet innit
not for the faint hearted
think my ang moh friends will faint looking at these...
"U actually eat those?????"

another outstanding dish which needs 24 hours advanced preparation was the 8 Treasure Duck
or Imperial 8 Treasure Duck...
in chinese it's call Pat Pou Ngap
this dish was created for the Emperor back in Grand Imperial Palace

with 8 different types of "treasures" being used for stuffing
ranging from lotus seed, ginkgo nuts, mushrooms, dried oysters, chestnuts and some ingredients which I can't identify
it was roasted then slowly braised
hence its meat was really tasty, moist, juicy and tears easily fr its bones
J&J Jelina was one eppy lady after her fix of meat :)))))
I lurve my meat too but then according to my blood type....I'm a vegetarian

I think we forgot to snap pic of its steamed rice over wood fire in individual bowl
yes they steamed their rice individually on its bowl over slow fire
so much of work....haven't they heard of rice cooker????
but the quality, taste and texture is different                  
Professor Munchy, J&J James and Jelina
it was really a good catch-up
let's plan for the next trip in July

Places to go:
Durian Orchard
Beggar's chicken *again??? I'm keen :))))*
let us know :D

if u haven't try Sek Yuen, pls do at least once b4 it's gonna go "extinct"
or before the restaurant decides to call it quits
don't think u can get cooks like this anymore
and also dishes that were almost wiped out fr this planet
yeah a lot of yummy recipes weren't past down from generations to generations

the other must try dish which they refused to cook for us on that Saturday was Deep Fried Belly Pork in Nam Yee, it's sticky crispy and fatty!!! spells YUMMO!!!!

"Why can't I order that missy???"

Waitress over the phone: "Siu Cheh, Saturday bz day...we don't have the time to slowly fry piece by piece for u!!!"
>.< haven't u all heard of Fryer????

sorry lar...again I'm a city slicker...I alwiz chose the short cut way out

Sek Yuen Restaurant
313 & 315, Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 9222 9457


S-kee said...

wow i like the reply for not able to serve the fried pork!! classic!

Girls, let try this one out!

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: yeah we need to come out soon :)))

ooshellshelloo said...

been going there every now and then since this shop is nearby granny place.
there is another makan shop nearby also use firewood to cook and the whole restaurant run by women.. chef also women!!
very kampung style cooking at least it gives my dad tons of memories...& min waiting time at least 45mins provided we reach by 11am for lunch!

May Ng said...

Wah.. award wining pic captured by JS? I shall patiently wait for your next blog post then :)

Unpretentious delicious Chinese food, I will definitely drop by one of these days!

CHER-RY said...

Shell Shell: oh we must go to this granny place soon!!!

May: hahaha just kidding lar...all his pics are award winning to me :))))) I hope u will enjoy this place :))

Kiwi Green said...

Food suck and service bad. Think twice before you go

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