Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life's been.....

Please meet Lucas from Czech Republic, seen here he was being prepped up by Editor-in-Chief Reezal
Lucas is such a pretty boy that the entire editorial team were working hard to style him up
standing tall at 6 foot 2.5 inches he makes one good runway model
but his complexion was so flawless so doing fashion spread is a must

as we were prepping him, we were commenting....
"shame on us!!! his skin tone is so perfect, no makeup needed"
yeah usually we apply makeup for male models as well but this one was really flawless...
it spells cheaper coz no makeup artist needed, faster coz makeup can take up to hours

another writer was telling me his skin is so Edward Cullen
sorry I'm not into those Twilight zone thingy
anyway pretty boys can't kill me

so Life's been BUSY
I've been working non stop over the weekend
in fact I've been working for the past 11 days
not just any 11 days but hectic ones, dashing everywhere

yesterday Monkey was rushing to office in the mad 7.00am jam
then to the photoshoot with Pretty Boy and then off to a championship golf course for a golf tournament....
I am so so burnt and tired

today another long day of running around
*I better put on my most comfy killer heels*

then this morning as I was on the bed ready to pull myself up I was thinking
"hey this is not so's pretty exciting u know? I can't imagine if my job is desk bound from 9am to 6pm doing mundane paperwork :P"

and so I pulled myself up, made a cup of espresso, sat on the bar counter and started my usual morning blogging session, replied messages, emails etc before tottering to the bathroom to get ready

yeah the day that I wake up on my comfy bed,  staring at the ceiling telling myself that I don't feel like going to the day that I'll quit
I think that day is a long way more to go coz I really love wat I do :)))))

Happy Thursday folks and Friday is just around the corner


Jui Hong said...

I really love what you.... I mean, err, hehe, what I do as well. :)

js said...

Way to go monkey..........a job is only as interesting as one makes it. In other words, it's within your control to make your own job interesting :)))

CHER-RY said...

Jui Hong: hahahaha I am sure you are!!! How's the planning for Rome coming along? it's coming very soon huh....

JS: I am also interested in staying at home doin nothing :P how leh?