Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homemade Lasagne by Mr. JS

JS made one big pot of beef ragu
knowing him, it's not just any normal beef ragu but a really awesome one
packed with oohhhmpphhhh
of minced ANGUS BEEF >.<

he had to begged the butcher to mince it for him coz usually they'll get u to buy the normal minced beef over the counter
anyway he's the only customer who'll buy pre-cut angus beef steak and mince them -_-
very ada standard >.<

also in the ragu were lotsa fresh ingredients from herbs to tomatoes to onions etc etc
*etc etc coz I really dunno wat's innit*

the other thing u need to make is the Bechamel sauce *the one in white*
then u layer everything together......pasta sheets, bechamel and beef ragu
and again and again and again

the pasta sheets used here was Rustichella
he only uses this brand -_-"
the pasta sheets were pre-cooked slightly before assembly

Rustichella has a history of 80 years
its pasta were made from the best durum wheat flour and water from the nearby mountain
then slowly air dried for 40-60 hours
with this method, the pasta absorbs the sauces better
*pic stolen from the Web*
this is how the packaging of Rustichella products look like :)))))))))))

then u keep on repeating this until u've forgotten how many layers u've gone through
or until it fills the dish to the brim

the last step - sprinkle cheeses on top
I no likey they were used very very sparingly
here, JS used Grano Padano cheese

Grano Padano is Italy's most famous cheese invented more than 1,000 years ago
it also happened to be world's 1st hard cheese
aged and matured for at least 9 months, so the flavors are pretty creamy
those that are aged up to over 20 months has got a more rounded full flavoured palate
after baking for 45 minutes
the smell was enuff to wake all my neighbours in the entire 15 floors dwelling

it shouldn't be dry but pipping hot and juicy!!!!
the bechamel sauce really did make a different
and the beef ragu was so yummy and sweet and spicy
it's spicy coz JS added Hungarian Paprika knowing that I can't eat without chilis

and finally u can lick ur screen now :)))))))))))))
this was truly a comfort food for me
anytime anywhere :))))))))))))

so who said Lasagne is Fattening? Remember it's supposed to have only a lil bit of cheese on top and not loaded and oozing with it...unless that's your personal favourite

and wat to do with the leftover beef ragu?
well just make your own Bolognese pasta :P
with tagliatelle from Rustichella......wat else??


Anonymous said... looks so delicious! Just feel like licking my screen..especially the last photo..the killer piece! =p

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: yes u are welcome to lick ur own screen hahahaa. Not only it looked delicious, IT WAS DELICIOUS :P

mef said...

Hi Cheryl,

The ragu and lasagne looked great. I was watching Jamie Oliver's program
yesterday and he used wild boar to make ragu in Italy.


CHER-RY said...

Hello Mef :))) wild boar should be very tasty too bcoz it tends to absorb flavours better. Eg: wild boar curries? Not easy to get wild boar here these days. What about NZ? can u buy it off the market?

mef said...

Hi Cheryl,

Over here one can buy wild game meat either online or at specialty meat shops.

Wild game meat is getting more popular now.

mef said...

Hi Cherry,

Sorry for the typo of your name. Must be a blonde moment that happened twice : (