Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Porchetta Ariccia

Look scary to you? but it was one of the most superb street food I had in Rome
it's called Porchetta Ariccia
Porchetta = the hog, domestic pig
Ariccia is a town 20km away fr Rome
*we had this in Rome, too far to go to Ariccia itself*

and so the hog was deboned, re-structured to be stuffed with layers of fat and meat and herbs
wild herbs such as fennel, rosemary, garlic were used.

then roasted over spit fire for hours...till the meat were juicy and tender
and the skin crackles
*oh yum!!!!*
usually eaten with panini.....and only panini alone
get them to toast it hot
and u select the sauce u want...could be mustard, ketchup...
but we choose this chili pickle that's almost like chicken rice chili sauce
that's heavy in garlic and lotsa lotsa sweet chilis.
eh...psstttt can u see the crackling crispy skin?
and u press them hard so it's easy to eat :)))))))))
the bread was so rustic with crispy crust
absorbed all the fats from the meat
my kinda food
JS quietly took this pic of Monkey savouring & devouring her porchetta

can't ask for more...
yummy street food with a view of a beautiful fountain
will blog bout the fountains's a very important fountain.

Porchetta Ariccia is so important that it's been declared as the traditional-agricultural alimentary product of Italy.

you can find Porchetta Ariccia at Piazza Navona
However this Piazza only comes to life in the month of December.
I think it cost bout Euro 3.50 per panini.
worth every morsel...

yes I know wat u readers been thinking...
I had it more than once
*nyek nyek nyek*
I m just too predictable :P


js said...

this has to be one of my favourites.....we were quite deprived of very hot chilly....and this porchetta with panini and that chilly sauce sort of give us the ass kicking chilly heat that we are so used to!

CHER-RY said...

JS: yummo!!!! can u cook this at home? :)))))))))))))