Thursday, October 21, 2010

Port View Seafood Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

trip to Sabah is never complete without Seafood indulgence
it's great to indulgence in BIG group but if there's only a few of us, there's only so much u can order

The above was a yummy treasure hunt soup
errr that's not the actual name...think it was double boiled soup
with BABY ABALONE innit, dried scallops, fish maws, mushrooms, free range chicken, and other yummy goodies
wait till u hear its price u'll think it's even yummier
RM 15 per bowl :))))))))))))))
steamed really fresh scallop - as in they were still swimming in the tank...yeah scallops can swim ok!!!
topped with freshly chopped garlic, sesame oil and voila~~~~
*I m looking for scallops shells to do some handicrafts...anyone know where to get/buy them?*

I dun really know wat do u call these...but it's fr the SEA
just blanch it over hot water...
served with chili and mustard dips
it was rather sweet and crunchy, can almost taste the sea
the famous "Seven Star Grouper" aka Coral Trout
we ordered the tiniest of the lot inside the fish tank...
"That oneee...that tiny it out!!!!"
it was jumping in frantic as the worker net him outta the tank....
sayonara my dearier grouper friends....wailed the Seven Star Grouper

Seven Star Grouper is one of the most prized fish in HK and fetched really damn high price...
so if u r there and consume assured it's 100% fr Sabah water :P
it's RM 170 per kilo here and that's dirt cheap...
try eating it in the restaurant :P

Off topic:
JS and gang went out to the sea and caught 22 Seven Star Grouper over a night
T_T mad.......
*read bout it here*
another must eat in Sabah is the I dunno wat u call it in english
on the menu it's written as "Sabah Vege"

since this place was so convenient we parked ourselves for 2 consecutive nites here
there's also a cultural performance and native dance entertaining u while u chomp on all the finger smooching seafood :))))))

Port View Seafood Restaurant
Lot 19, Ground Floor, The Water Front,
Tun Fuad Stephens Road,
8800 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +608 822 1753


Anonymous said... cheap...
the last dish..i think its call 'midin'..look very similar to pucuk paku rite?

licheng said...


CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Midin?? I dunno but in cantonese it is called "Sabah shu chai choi"

Kindy Chai: drooling at any particular dish? :D