Friday, July 23, 2010

Curry Noddle, Imbi Market

I enjoy my curry noodle FULL SPECS
with everything innit!!!! :D

Every weekend, JS & Monkey will have their slow yummy brunch together
but well sometimes when we're bz with work or personal social life....
then it will be dinner together :)))))

usually I'll leave home with just a cuppa of Nespresso
plant kisses on JS & Berr and then zoooom I go

but the day finally arrived, when it was JS's turn to attend to work on a Saturday

instead of doin wat I've alwiz done...
he drove out and bought my favourite Curry noodle + full specs
woke me up, brewed fresh coffee for me...
made sure I consumed my breakfast while it's hot....
planted kisses on me...and left for work
*awwwww I felt like a million dollar monkey*
**he's such a darl and the sweetest!!!!**

so after the yummylicious breakfast prepared with love
Monkey went back to zzZZZZZzzz
Curry Noodle with chicken strips, lotsa fresh cockles,
toufu pok, crispy fried pork skin, fat beansprouts, green long beans, 
and more dashes of its hot spicy chili oil + belacan.

hmmmm question is, will I do the same for him?
ok ok ok ok ok
even if JS dun whack me, my readers will kill me
I promise that I'll learn how to bake pastries for his breakfast next time
next time next time
akan datang....coming soon~~~~~


Wei's said...

When you start baking, call me. I'll be your guinea pig =P

CHER-RY said...

Baby Wei: hmmmm....can....did i just make u lusting for curry noodle today?