Monday, April 23, 2012

Annoucement: Char Siew Wan Tan Mee (ex SFS Kopitiam) moved!!!

hmmm come to think of it this is my very first announcement on this blog
so by has to be THAT GREAT and THAT GOOD to be worthy of any announcements.
hiak hiak hiak

Remember I posted bout the famous Char Siu Wan tan noodle last month at SFS Kopitiam in Aman Suria?
*click here to read the posting*

so this famous char siu place has moved to another shop a few steps away
just diagonally opposite to the current SFS Kopitiam
our only guess was the landlord has raised their rent again

hmmm when we glanced back at SFS Kopitiam, there's only a few tables seated
the usual noise and chaos that used to be there was looooooonnnggg gone
almost like a cowboy town

so back to this the new lot, it's called Shang Yi Fatt kopitiam
and Char Siu owner has been given a more premium lot, at the shop front

enuff of talking........
the above speaks for itself
caramelised half fat half meat char siu
which was reheated in a tiny oven
Now that he has got a bigger space, he has upgraded to 2 ovens
it came with special homemade XO sauce and also pickled tiny green chili padi

just the kind of Sunday that I like
greasy lazy fatty satifsying

2 bowls of dry char siu wan tan mee, medium size, special request for additional slices of char siu, came with 2 bowls of wontons *4 pcs each* all came to RM 13.00
makes u wonder, if the prices of stuffs have increased or our wallets are getting smaller?
I think our salaries are just not increasing in tandem with the cost of living


anyway sucker me would pay that kind of money for this bowl of noodle
coz it's just that good :))))))

Char Siu Wan Tan Mee @ Shang Yi Fatt Kopitiam
Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
Petaling Jaya.


Friitz said...

They suddenly moved again.... Do you know where????/

CHER-RY said...

They moved again????
Initially was SFS Kopitiam then to Shang Yi Fatt which is diagonally opposite...and they moved again????

I need to go and check out soon....

Wiio said...

It moved, i need to newest location... need faster geeeeet the latest location, then ur blog will be FAMOUS !!

Cheen Jeat Chow said...

Cheen Jeat Chow said...

Open 15 Apr 2013.

Cheen Jeat Chow said...

The shop next to kepong jusco.

CHER-RY said...

Wow u guys do know where to locate him huh?? Thank you so much CJC :)))

Anonymous said...

after moving. feel taste so so only.

Rachel Wong said...

7th October 2014: May i know where they moved again ? They weren't at Shang Yi fat middle shop. they moved. Where is their location now???? so missed their noodles desperately!!!