Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shifting in Stage 2.28

the Lourvered Sliding Shutters at the balcony
when we first saw the unit...
"wat do u call this?"
"Lourvered sliding window"
"but there's no window" *gritted my teeth*
"it's a louvered sliding shutter, can be used for windows as well."
errrm I lurve to torture designers :))))))
coz with more torture come more creative juices outta their brain and they work better!!!

Today we.... *definition of we = Monkey alone coz JS is way too busy compared to me*
*he's busy fire-fighting at work and with the gov* *long story*
*I so hate u GOV.....go and increase the fuel price sumore...and implement more mind boggling policies.....GO DO IT!!!*

anyway today the Smeg Opera cooker is coming in
the Liebherr fridge is coming in
Smeg cute lil microwave for monkey to cook Maggi mee is here too
plus smaller appliances such as my STEAM IRON :P
*why the heck do I need one?*
and of savior......the BOSCH dishwasher!!!!!
I'm sooo gonna take care of u Mr.Boschie and u better take care of me too :)))))

the stainless steel kitchen delivery is today
installation is like a long more way to go

Happy Thursday peeps!!!!
another busy day and I hope it's gonna be a great one :))))

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