Thursday, July 22, 2010

iPad Covers

sexay hawt red covers
but then again.....the frontal of the iPad is not protected :(
errrrr I kinda hated this brand already
plus its monograms
*sooooo feel like selling off all my LVs now*
I sooo kinda over Gucci the day I left the brand...
goodbye old lover
TOD's covers are the nearest to the current one that I have
where it can prop up for typing and media viewing
but then again the design is soooooooo classic
oh no!!! wat the hell is this???
iPad cover???
who would wanna use this ....I mean why design this
when the product itself is sooooo funky!!!

Need Help~~~~
I want a funky and fun iPad cover
need it to be cool, stylish, fashionable...user friendly...


Anonymous said...


U really really wanna sell off all your LV now? Really?


CHER-RY said...

Elly: yea....i've never sell my bags before due to emotional attachment with u think I should?

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,


Well, if u have less love towards those bags, I would sell off to get something new. :)

Probably u've started earlier than me and I believe ur collections r impressive ones. I just started not long ago, hehe....that also from the cut of someone's love. And I treasure my 1st Bottega very very much. :)

Do let me know if u really wanna let go? I would love to help u "take good care" of them! :P


CHER-RY said...

Elly: Sigh I still dunno yet should I should I not...gave most of my passdown bags to my left 2 LVs. A red vernis Roxbury and a burgundy vernis Sunset Boulevard. Hehehe I only have love for the vernis coll. All my monograms gone to pass down :)))

I'm goin to France end of the year, prollie will stock on Chanel instead.

My collection ain't that vast either..these days I buy big user friendly bags that can store everything innit...signs of aging..kakakakkaa

Anonymous said...

hi babe,

A sign of aging, more sophisticated lah, I perhaps? haha!

Oh yeah, France has the cheapest compare to anywhere in the world! Happy shopping then and remember to post up pics! :D

U r great. U live fabulously! Keep it up!


CHER-RY said...

Elly: hehe I guess the key is to live life HAPPILY coz we only live one!!!!