Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gavin & Gaby: Dinner Reception

the dinner setting was AWESOME
so so so ROMANTIC

just by the beach with pure white lanterns above our heads
and of coz.....we dined under the starry starry nite
the lanterns looked so distinguishably cute
it's like there's so many "moons"
it was a very cosy settings
the ever busy and fiery station - SATE STATION
there's fish, beef and chicken
Balinese sate is very different fr Malaysia's
smoking hawt!!!
very well captured pic by JS
the really really LONGGGG buffet table
serving cuisines fr all around the world
that nite was particular windy
and cool
made the lanterns swayed effortlessly
and we were enjoying the drinks + ambience
Gaby's schoolmates....it was a very emotional dedication
and they sang a beautiful song for her
Gaby to the rescue!!!
"oh gals pls dun cry!!!"
I lurve u all~~~~~~
then it was Gavin's turn
he said Uncle Bernard da Joker taught him to embarrass his wife whenever there's opportunities
and there he went....belting out a romantic Indonesian song
YES in indonesian...
everyone were clapping in joy coz Gavin is indeed a very shy guy
and to perform right smack in front of the guests for Gaby was really a feat!!!
Wonder Annie, did u bake the cake? :)))))))))))
don't know if it's the monsoon season coming
or was it Gavin's singing.....it began to drizzle right after that
so all the guests proceeded to the grand ballroom
for my drinks, entertainment and dedications
our table was the only one who did the "yum seng!!!!!"
to the astonishment of all the guests

sorry yea...we msians are like this...
must yum seng then only can feel the "wedding" mood
Eveline, Wonder Annie, Carla
everyone was looking here n there coz sooooooooo many camreas
were flashing by we didn't know which one to smile at
great shots by JS
it was such a short moment and yet he captured the joy of it

Congratulations again Gavin & Gaby
may both of u be blessed with all spritual blessings and grace
as u walk the amazing journey living together in this life.

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