Monday, July 19, 2010

Mee Mee's bday celebration

we were at IOI Boulevard last Saturday
*new place for me :))*

coz Mee Mee can't be far away fr home
well life changes when lil one is here
but she did well with her time management :)))))
*gah Baby Rei is already 3 months old....time flies!!!!*

we kinda put this luncheon on our respective facebooks
and raised a lot of queries....
coz there's questions if Mee Mee, Shell Shell, Nee Lee and Bee Ree are REAL?

or if they are names of pets or soft toys :P

good to have anonymous pet names like this :P

long story....but to cut it short for your Monday reads...
it's our pet names for each other since errr 12 years ago :))))))
Nee Lee looked rather pleased with her Olympus Pen
it's a great camera :))))))
even Photog Bionic Bonnie lurves it!!!
it's pressie time for Mee Mee
while the rest of us were busy digging into the desserts
errrr diggin in with the cameras...coz cameras got priority first to feast on it
while the "humans" had to go on hunger for a while
salivated while cameras feasted on it
was this the black sesame toufu fah?
they serve toufu ice here as well
Mee mee u can bring Teofu here to have his toufu ice next time
durian pancakes with tonnes of durian innit
all I could smell at that time was only this!!!!!
nasi lemak!!!!!!! my favourite!!!
but only Mee Mee had it coz this was her lunch~~~~
philippine mango ice shavings was my favourite :))))))
so sweet and intense!!!!
water melon sai mai lou
on the left was beancurd with some fruits...
didn't try that so dunno wat was it :)))
can someone just tell me?
all the desserts here were yummylicious and we were busy digging in
errr after the cameras have feasted :)))))))))))
dunno if she's saying it's yummy or big 3-0
she doesn't look three O at all....

Mee Mee...u r still how I know u 1st at the University :))))
when u were a sweet 18 years old gal..and me a notti monkey :))))
u were so innocent *still innocent*
sweet, thoughtful and caring :)))))))))
photo session with Shell Shell
Shell Shell just finished her wedding photoshoot....
can't wait to see them yea!!!!
Nee Lee and Mee Mee
Nee Lee the one whom created all the nicknames :))))))))))
with notti Monkey :))))))))))))))
now u understand the term "cameras feasting"
Quick!!!! make a wish!!! or errrmmm make WISHES!!!!!
*yeah I am greedy!!!*
Mee Mee is so beautiful :)))))))))))))))
without having to try hard...
coz she's was rushing everywhere on that day running errands
and taking care of Baby Rei.
* 3 mths old he already looked so much like Teofu*

japanese green tea cake with a lot of red beans innit
Shell Shell bought it....thank you yea!!!
1.5 hours later, we hopped over next door for Otak Otak...
heeeeeeeee yes we can damn eat....
more Otak pics tmrw!!!!

Honeymoon Dessert,
IOI Boulevard, Jalan Puchong,


neil said...

We're all so impressed by Nina! :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: GAH!!!! it's "sai farn shue" pls dun call it NINA!!!!

js said...

Nina n Adobe!! :))

CHER-RY said...

JS: apa adobe? Rocco changed name to Adobe? for the last time, their names are Tai Farn Shue and Sai Farn Shue

js said...

Adobe Photoshop :))

CHER-RY said...

JS: u Lightroom-ed them wor...not photoshopped wor...

js said...

Lightroom also adobe family :)