Friday, July 30, 2010

Check in lounge

there are 2 separate check in lounge at Ayana
for the Resort and the Villa

the entrance to the whole resort was very strict...
upon arriving at the guard post
our cab was checked for bombs/terrorist/watever

next step was to check our names on their "checklist"
O_O walau at the guard post already so many procedures...
I wondered wat else they wanted at the check in counter :P
but I can assure u they didn't take long
guess they've been doing this for quite some time liao.
the check in lounge for Villa guests
so zen!!!!!!
lurve their beautiful garland of frangipani
the resort is full of frangipani trees
and every morning we saw staffs picking the flowers off the tree with a long stick
service was so accommodating and friendly
we spent almost 45 minutes savouring the beautiful ambience
before being led to our villa in a buggy
today is Friday and I'm missing this place
weekend is here folks and it's another busy one for me
and best of all I've double-booked myself for 2 important partays tmrw

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