Tuesday, July 06, 2010

il Lido is in KL!!!!

Monkey didn't know it's here!!!
as in it's really here in KL :P
until Iconic Lee Khim told me she had a food review that very afternoon
immediately Monkey dialed for reservation

il Lido is the very same "il Lido" in Singapore
which also runs Forlino at One Fullerton
we were actually celebrating the arrival of Baby K on that very same day
Congratulations to both, u know who u are...

and I promised u not to reveal your names ever again in the blog for privacy purpose
:D heeeeee
*well wat to do, some readers been stalking those friends of mine whom I blogged bout so I have to discontinue their names here*
Beppe the MD informed that they are still working on their wine list
happy to hear that!!!
anyway you can alwiz BYO with corkage of coz!!

we were contemplating to have Italians but all were too young on the wine list
so we ended up with a "can never go wrong" bottle of burg
it has a very nice ambience
cozy and quiet
we were one of the very first customer arriving by 7.15pm

Sweet Melissa the concierge was already calling us when we stepped in
coz reservation was made for 7pm :P

Sweet Melissa: "Hello Ms. Cherry, this is Melissa fr il Lido. I would like to check if you are coming?"
right at the dot we were facing each other with respective phones on our cheeks smiling at each other
"I'm already here Melissa!!!!"
amuse bouche of the nite
it was generous as usually amuse bouche = a single bite of appetizer

melon soup with cheese

good combo, the richness of the cheese balanced up with the sweet melon
u r supposed to mix all up n drink it
homemade foccacia bread with a lot a lot of sweet onions inside
u can still taste the onions' crunch as ur teeth sink into the bread

good on its own, dunnit any olive oil nor vinegar
I tried the olive oil and it was very good - apple green!!!
palate was better than its nose though

JS had a total of 4 pieces -_-"
JS went for the ala carte
the above was grilled vegetables salad with shavings of truffles and balsamic dressing
with generous helpings of zucchinis, eggplants and endives
surprisingly endives were really yummy after u grill it!!! coz when eaten raw it's kinda bitter
Monkey had a degustation menu
crab salad with avocado and bisque jelly
the crab meat was very fresh

do u know that crab meat deconstruct and break down very fast
after u cook it.....so u need to handle it very very quickly

next on the degustation pan fried goose liver with Saba wine and sweet potato galette
galette = round crusty pancake-liked cake

somehow foie gras must alwiz go with something very sweet
i would recommend a d'Yquem to go with this but since no special celebration
that lil bottle of d'Yquem sits in the cellar
JS had a homemade pasta, the pasta were handmade fresh fr its kitchen
squid ink tonnarelli with spicy crab and saffron foam
it ain't easy to cook fresh pasta to achieve such al-dente-ness
I had a fresh pasta too
tagliolini with lobster and spicy calabria salami
it's a pork salami yess this place is non-halal and serves porkie!!!!
look at that
Roast suckling pig with plum sauce
under the bed of suckling yumminess was potato cut to the exact size

its skin was crispy as u can fr the pic :)))))))))
the meat was soft fr its confit....there were numerous herbs used to confit this
*double whammy!!!!*
the onion was caramelized to perfection
we were fighting for that only piece of onion
GOLD leaves everywhere~~~~~
ricotta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry with orange and pistachio
very well balanced taste....
this dessert reminded me of Greek desserts that we had back in Athens
and the usual petit four
excellent service and great ambience
most of all YUMMY FOOD
with all the homemade pasta!!!!

il Lido KL is headed by Chef Samuele Alvisi
who came fr Milan....well that explains why the risotto is on its menu :)))))

Off topic:
we missed Cracco Peck at Milan :))))))))))
Read bout it *click here*

il Lido KL is a nice place to chill and enjoy great Italian food cooked with wholesomeness
we were also shown the rooftop which has an amazing view of KL at nite

Thank you again Beppe for the conversation we had with you
hope to see you again either in KL or Singapore :)))))

il Lido Restaurant
Lot 183, Jalan Mayang,
(off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng)

50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2161 2291

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Unknown said...

OMG That food just looks amazing! The thing I love the most about a good dinner is the fine bottle of wine. And the best wine are made in Argentina. I remember when I had my BUENOS AIRES TRAVEL I tasted the most delicious wines ever! I ended up a little drunk but that didn´t matter because I had the best of times!