Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mee Mee's Bday - Part 2

Mee Mee & Nee Lee can't decide wat to eat
yeah I know we can damn eat....after having a medley of desserts at Honeymoon Dessert,
we hopped over to this Otak-Otak Place

as the name says it....they specialised on Otak-Otak
both Mee Mee & Nee Lee asked: "So Bee Ree, which Otak-otak u want?"
"there's fish....fish nicer right?"
"there's also steamed ones or fried ones..."

Monkey O_O "so wat's the difference steamed and fried apart fr its obvious description"
Nee Lee: "Steamed ones u have to eat with forks, fried ones u have to eat with hands."
Mee Mee: "yes and use fork less tedious."
Ladies, the next time I asked for difference on food item....
kindly list down in terms of taste and texture...
no the level of ma fan-ness in consuming it.

"why so ma fan??? just order the damn thing lar...the usual ones."
Shell Shell has got no comment....
coz she's no eating....
she had yummy chicken rice for lunch dy......
we cam-whored for a bit....
and let the other 2 choose their Otak Otak
whether they want fish/prawn/watever meat
and its' preparation method...grill/steamed/fried
and its accompaniment....with rice/without/with gawd knows wat/etc
notti kiddo next table was curious
with our conversation and all the cam-whoring she decided she would like to join in
"u come here...let jie jie teach u how to....."
"NO!!! BEE REE!!!!"

yes I'm a bad influence
bad bad bad bad~~~~
finally the normal usual steamed otak-otak came
not too bad consider this to be the "commercial" type
actually it's quite yummy

and the fried ones....oso very yummy
I guess this place is worth trying
will definitely return for more of its Otak Yumminess
Nee Lee & Shell Shell bz checking quality of their pics

Happy Belated Birthday Mee Mee
thank you for making time despite being a "cow"
hope Baby Rei didn't cry too much when u were out.
anyway that's wat teofu is there for.

Otak Otak Place
IOI Boulevard


neil said...

Yes, I remember the "Just order the damn thing!"

The waiter was laughing too :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: waiter oso luffing meh? didn't notice :P

Anonymous said...

yea coz after that we kept repeating that to the waiter..

the pic with the lil girl staring is so nice. the parent should have it! haha