Friday, July 16, 2010

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

It's a scam

JS bought a camera for Monkey yesterday
so I'll spend more time with him

bcoz.....bcoz....this entire week I've been so engrossed with my amazing fantabulous iPad
and totally sooooo totally ignored him :P
*weiiii u oso got one iPad mar...*

I think he's kinda disappointed that I was only OK about it
*I LIKE the CAMERA OK!!!!!*

a powerful full frame DSLR
21 Megapixel and a very long list of its technical superpowers it can perform
on its small body *well consider small for its range*

have yet to fully abuse this new gadget coz I just got it less than 24 hours....
and 1st priority wat to name it?

JS: "let's name our cameras!!!" *he's more excited than me*
Monkey: "errrrr.....ok wat do u have in mind?" *fingers busy tapping and swishing on the iPad"

JS: "My camera will be Rocco and yours will be Nina!!!"
Monkey's eyes dilated and paused her swishing game on the iPad and let out a scream

JS: "why not?"
Monkey: "NO JOKE!!!! simple...yours is tai farn shue....mine is sai farn shue...DONE."
and continued her addictive "making stacking serving burgers" game

JS pouted :(((((((((

so dear readers...don't you think Nina & Rocco is kinda too much and too gelish?


js said...

It's a pro camera leh........full frame..... 21mega pixels .............zhingna is using the EOS5D mk II too :)))

Anonymous said...

@_@ 5D ler....everyone will be jeles die... hahaha...

anyway...NINA sounds fine to me...
unless u want some macho-ness then u gotto name it differently lor. CHEERS!! happy 'chik-chak-ing' =)

CHER-RY said...

JS: it's JINGNA not zhingna. She just commented on my FB she wanted it too :P

Melissa: nina??? NINA????? arghhhh NO!!!!

js said...

Haha. Ok zhang jingna. :))

CHER-RY said...

so boss when are u taking me to a photography trip? U want me to sign up with Louis Pang's classes?

licheng said...

OMG!! drool..

js said...

Haha. Learn basic from me first lar then sign up with Louis pang! :)
We go out to kuala selangor this weekend. Start journey at 6am to catch soft morning light :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: dun lar only...drool at the iPad better :D

JS: who's goin? I have appointments this weekend at 6am with Berr and my bed. Not free.

js said...

U n me lar!!! No wonder they say take sunrise pics more difficult than taking sunset :))

CHER-RY said...

JS: told u not free appointment~~~~

Tsu Lin + + said...

So funny!! You & JS chatting here... I think Nina & Rocco is so cute! So set lah... Rocco & Nina (why Nina?) - I like Rocco!

CHER-RY said...

TL: HOW HAVE U BEEN!!!!! sudah lama never hear fr u....cept your farmville updates :))))

Rocco = his camera
Nina = mine

dun like the names...

Tsu Lin + + said...

Cherry : Sorry, I put you under my "gaming" list so have now removed you from the list - you won't see those FV updates anymore. Hahaha!

I'm down with teruk throat infection & fever la!!! OMG... you have GOT to read my FB status!!! :P

Rocco & Nina sounds nice la... just say it out 100 times n u'll learn to like it.

CHER-RY said...

TL: nvm..I memang pun GAMER...but already abandoned Farmville...too many games to manage and I'm a very kiasu gamer. :P

U get well soon there ok...and so sweet of SW to leave her "friends" for u...she so sayang u lar :))))