Friday, July 23, 2010

Shifting in the first 1%

that's the dining area.....
hacked the floor and fixed the wooden strips 
painted the wall in fuchsia...errr yes i know the col is so me :)))))
am contemplating to change the color :P

but I suppose once the Artemide lights are in and the Armani table is there
together with the damn chairs which are taking so long to arrive from Milan
it should look really cosy :))))))

*I am in the midst of strangling all my forwarder coz pieces of furnitures are here n there....either stucked in custom or still on its way fr Italy!!! GAH!!!!*

**and yesterday the damn piano supplier is pushing its delivery I almost cancel the order!!! HMPH!!!! if u have no place to store my grand piano then I rather not buy from u. cancel the order lar!!!!!**

Monkey is busy today~~~~
shifting into the new home as in fixing the walk in wardrobe today
and all the other wardrobes in other rooms plus maid's room
guess it will be another 2 more months before this place can be called home



neil said...

Ooh... a GRAND piano! Can I come and get myself acquainted with it? (not that I can play, though... hehe)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: of coz u may.....once after the piano settled itself. :)))))) then have to wait 1 mth before the tuner can tune it in the mean time let u produce some noise pollution first lar......kekekekeke