Thursday, June 24, 2010

Babi Guling Ibu Oka, Ubud

this is the best and no.1 in the whole of Bali
believe me, u dun wanna go anywhere else for Babi Guling

Ibu Oka was featured countless time on TV Programs
food review, magazines, newspapers, all sorts of media from blogs to online forums
and personalities like Anthony Bourdain visited it as well
Monkey and JS were here :P

believe me this place was thronged with TOURISTS
so pls do come by early for lunch to grab a place
most of the locals go to Ibu Oka's house, she operates and cooks fr home

this one here at Ubud is a short distance fr her home
and more convenient for tourists like us
so many japanese and whites
we sat "inside" the lil balinese house
so we had to remove our shoes and climb up
sat like a balinese on the cushion floor mat with a cute table
Balinese alwiz serve coconuts with a squeeze of lime
to give it some tanginess
this pickled spicy hot can die chili was AWESOME
totally kick ass
we invited our driver to join us
and Monkey kept on "PEDAS PEDAS PEDAS"
apparently it's called "PANAS" here :P

Komang our Driver: "Enak.....kita kata enak di sini."
ohhhh sorry I felt so uncivilised and un-cultured....coz my language was so "rough"
in my sweetest voice and my outmost politeness
Monkey: "Enak sekali babi guling ini kan Komang?"

Yes I had to admit we Malaysians punya Bahasa Malaysia
memang kenot make it :P
coz we'll definitely say:"Wei very sedap hor?" :P
suddenly we heard a roar of happiness fr the patrons/diners
and everyone stood up
I thought Michael Jackson has arise!!!!

the WHOLE PIG has ARRIVE!!!!!
carried by a man on his head on a motorbike fr Ibu Oka's home just some distance away
coz there's no space here to grill this bugger!!!

and cameras were flashing non stop
for a moment that particular Babi Guling was a PORK STAR
they worked very fast here
by the time JS got down to snap a pic of the whole pig
its head were off
somebody bought it already T_T
Babi Guling was marinated using a lot of yummy spices
tapioca leaves some coconut thingy *I think*
everything stuffed into its stomach, stitched up
tied on and grill for 4 hours
the hole at its rear was where it held the "stick"
that grill the whole pig
*it's not wat u think it is....a pig @ssh013 can't be that HUGE ok*
go for the special one
and if u r early u can oso order its SKIN only
it comes with a piece of DEEP FRIED dunno which part of the pig
a piece of pig liver sausage
some yummy vege salsa
hot balinese steamed rice
generous helping of sliced moist pork
and splash of its stuffings
and a piece of its most PRIZED skin

OMG the meat was so moist
the amount of spices was just right.....
I was contemplating for a 2nd helping
and I think our Driver Komang watched in aghast how this Monkey can really eat :P
by the time we left...the pig....
was just a carcass left.....
I'm amazed at the volume of this shop

it was a weekday
this tiny hut can only seat a maximum of 40 people....
the queue was AMAZING :P

Many ppl can't understand wat's the fuss about
it's the spices here
somehow it's different coz we tried a few other babi guling in Bali
I think it's definitely worth it :)

Babi Guling Ibu Oka
Jalan Suweta, Ubud,
Bali, Indonesia


neil said...

Suckling pig! =P~

js said...

i taste a tint of coconut flavor in the crispy skin. Suspect coconut husk and shell apart from fire wood was in the spit roasting process.............or coconut water was used to bast the skin during the roasting process.

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: ohhh u soo gonna enjoy this

JS: prollie they used coconut oil here?

Js said...

Hmmmm. Pig already got oil so unlikely they use coconut oil. I suspect coconut husk n shell as firewood!!