Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Picnic lunch at Kubu Beach

the 3 of us *including Berr of coz* were so looking fwd to our picnic lunch
coz it was set on a private beach down the cliff
with really AMAZING views!!!!!

once our Butler dropped us at the edge of the cliff
we just got stoned and mesmerized by its view

"are we really goin down there for lunch? are we even in Bali? this looked so Aussie!!!"
Mr. Butler: "Yes Madame, u are in Bali...this way please."
heheheheh pai seh pai seh until ppl have to remind me :P

Kubu Beach is about a few hundred steps down fr the cliff
it's situated bout 1km away fr the resort...so u can imagine how big Ayana Resort is!!!!

it's a mixture of sand and rocks
the surfs were kinda strong so swimming is definitely not recommended
yes we are almost there....just a couple of more steps
*Berr was inside my straw bag :D*
got our Bamboo cabana :D *eppy*
JS was really in the mood for a beach vacation
*see the green round fury thing next to me....:D that's Berr inside his pouch.....too sunny he said*
later a huge basket came with a truly authentic Balinese specialities
the staffs were so well prepared....came with towels...
set the lounge chairs....took our drink orders...
decked out a few tables to accommodate our truckload of things
*actually only JS's stuffs coz he brought his huge camera, lenses, tripods, peripherals etc*
and lastly set our lunch table :D
I must say Balinese rice were somehow different
will blog bout their beautiful rice terrace in the next few rounds :P
it's round, soft and fat....just like pearls of barley
it's so fine and came in individual grains instead of our usual lumpy rice

our picnic lunch
udang asam pedas - poached prawns with spring onions relish
*their sea prawns were HUGE*

ayam panggang - roast chicken salad with shallots
salada bebek bertutu - Balinese spit roasted duck salad
*Mr-No-Duck-No-Chicken got roast beef salad and more HUGE prawns*

tempe kering - soy sauce candied tempeh with potato
rempeyek kacang - rice flour crackers with peanut

lurve their lapis pengit - indonesian layered cake
which I forgotten to snap pic
lurve it so much that I saved it for dinner :P
fresh indonesian fruits - buah salak and local orange
salak is a palm fruit and not many ppl can accept it
it's either u like it or hate it
it's also called Snake Fruit for it's geli-ish skin :P
after the scrumptious lunch we lazed around for bout an hour with the panoramic view
it was really nice as the whole beach belongs to errm like 4 couples only :D
our straw hats....
I dun understand why his straw hat has to cost 10x of mine T_T

as Monkey & Berr were zzZZZzzzzzziinkk-ing away
JS worked on his photography skills

u can see there were only a few quaint bamboo cabana
with other facilities provided at this private beach
very nice pics he took there
think u need to feel the nature to capture the mood of this place
can't describe how bliss we were...u have to be there to feel it :))))))))))
then it's time to hit the pools!!!!
so many pools to choose from...
"Butler which is the best pool to go to?"
Butler: "Madame for privacy, may I recommend River Pool.....it is a combination of 7 cascading pools and a jacuzzi"

we nodded and let him whisked us back in a buggy
lil did we know....his definition of privacy was EXTREME
coz that 7 cascading pools...there were only JS, Berr and Monkey

I wanna stay here for a MONTH!!!!!

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