Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Prestige Wine Extravaganza 2010

Monkey was invited to a dinner of extravaganza to honor the top wines rated by Sommelier Association of Malaysia
this young club was only formed last year and headed by none other than Roderick Wong
last year....Monkey texted Roderick
"I want this, u have stock in your cellar?"

Roderick: "errrrr madam this one so rare. Can never ever get in Malaysia one!!!!!"
"aiyooo use your influence I need this as a birthday pressie!!!!!"

and he was right....Malaysia's wine and dine scene was really at its infancy then
a lot of things we can't get here in Msia.
everything we need, we have to cross over from Boleh-Land to the Kiasu-Land to get
Daniel S who was my seatmate and he was such a joy to be with
both of us were downing the whites, namely champagnes and the dry whites
coz they were the best of the lot that nite :P

we had an Ambonnay, Marguet Reserve Grand Cru fr France
its nose was honey suckle and fruity but the palate was too single dimensional for me.

"Daaaaanieeel...can u just get a bottle and put in on your table....u've been walking to and fro to help urself with all these whites and I need someone to talk to next to me. Not someone who's missing all the time!!!"

Daniel S: "Honey, I'm not that desperate kay?"
Daniel S came with the sober husband

now to the whites...we had a sauvignon blanc fr France again
Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Blanc, 2008

it was served too cold so the nose was pretty tight....
all the wine snobs on my table rejected it.
apa lar gentlemen!!!!! wait wait...must have some patience

let's not even go to the REDS ok???
we were served 2 reds that nite
the palate was thick and tannic
it almost yanked my tongue off

anyway dear Wine kakis...
so now u know the level of Msians
if these wines were top rated by the Sommelier Association in Malaysia
do u wanna imagine the rest that ppl drink here?

and I was complaining to a friend bout it
bout the wine snobs I met at the dinner and the food pairing and the glasses used bla bla bla
and he said: "Now who's the wine snob here?"

Monkey shuddup :P
yes I'm the wine salah of me to point the finger to the rest
I just realised I m so SPOILT in terms of my palate
I should just respect the fact that Msia is stilllllllll a growing market
and wine drinkers are stillllllll at its elementary
and they WILL NOT SHALL NOT and KENOT fork anything above RM 500 for a decent bottle of wine
bcoz to them anything at RM 100 is too much
Monkey, Dennis the Violionist, Reena Le Coultre
*these 2 can really cam-whore, my camera was full of their pics :P*
finally the dessert wine was not too bad
a muscat fr France - M. Chapoutier Muscat Beaumes de Venise vintage 07

it's kinda strong actually with its heavy nose of Roses and Lychees
but again very short palate
Prestige Cheryl, Monkey, Hawt Nadine

Most of all I enjoyed the company of all the hostesss
everyone was busy running around making sure all the guests were well attended to
even Saleha the Managing Editor was busy on her tiny feet

"are u sure u are alrite?"

Sal: "I'm trying to dear"
"Have u taken your antibiotics?"
Sal: "NOOOOO prollie after all the bubblies I'll take it. :P"

Good job to Marcus for setting everything from conception to completion at such a short period of time
no pics of u in my camera :P

Nevertheless I look fwd to Prestige Wine Extravaganza 2011
hopefully the quality of wines presented to the panels of judges for blind tasting would be more exciting, daring and discerning

It's not about the price
It's all bout the style and improvement on the palate

Know that my Serious Wine readers gonna be disappointed but hey give us a break
it will improve.......
I'm sure it will
*cross my fingers!!!!!!*

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