Thursday, June 03, 2010

Vietnam Kitchen, Bandar Utama

the original Vietnamese spring rolls
somehow I lurve their deep fried pork spring rolls but it's not available in Msia....

we usually congregate for a birthday dinner/celebration
well when u are a grown up gal it's kinda difficult to make time 
with all the crazy schedule and travel etc
but I'm glad we are still doing this even after 10 years :)))))))))))))
my pho bo~~~~~
of coz can't be compared to the rustic ones in Vietnam and even Melbourne
Melbourne has such a large vietnamese community that when we were in Footscray town

I felt like I was in Vietnam -_-"
but their food was as authentic as u can get
and the wet market has everything u need to cook any vietnamese meal
the convenient store has all the sauces and condiments and dry goods u need
more stores selling vietnmese fashion - apparels lor
and also kitchen utensils including bamboo steamer
:D cool!!!!!!

in Saigon, I ate my pho bo on a cute lil stool :P
seafood salad on top of a crispy crackers
okie back to KL and precisely at Bandar Utama
after jam-ming for 1 hour 50 minutes
I reached my destination to meet the ladies :)))))))
*gawd how to travel to-fro work in the future after we shift to the new place O_O*
Mommy Carol the birthday gal and Ass Kickin Vonne

Ass Kickin Vonne, I was wondering are u still into photography?
wanna do a photog weekend getaway one day?

Carol was absolutely stressed to the max with things at work...
as though that work were not enuff
having to manage 10 staffs in her dept
she has to deal with staff committing suicide -_-"

so trauma...... I would feel terrible
hopefully she will get better after undergoing therapies with consultants
it is definitely not your fault if that person decided to end her life
sigh.....tsk tsk.....
*bear hugs to Carol*
Monkey and Su San
she's gonna turn to a japanese doll soon with all the fortnightly travels to Japan
yes I know.......all of us wishing we could visit Japan
and she go until wanna vomit liao

sigh that reminds me J&J heading to Hokkaido soon
u ppl have fun in Hokkaido yea :))))

back to my glad u ppl made it despite the busy hectic can die schedule
after my birthday guess the next gathering would be errrr this month?
when Mommy Connie will give birth to a beautiful baby gal :))))))))
yes Mommy Connie indeed is she has a pair....can tutup kedai liao

Vietnam Kitchen
Bandar Utama Shopping Mall,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Tel: 603 7724 1336

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