Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My authority ain't enuff

at the 11th hour *5.45pm to be exact, dinner at 7.30pm*
I was asked to make a reservation...

"We are so sorry ma'am, we are fully booked for tonite"
"I want to speak with your manager"

*supervisor came to the phone coz manager not available*

"Yes, there is only one table available."
"Mr. JS would like to have his usual table."
"I'm so sorry because all the favourite tables are taken."
"hmph, what do u have now?"
"A normal table for 4. Near the entrance."
"..........okkkkaaayyyy....I'll take iiiiiitttttt."

Well when the chef is Tetsuya of KL....u just can't care much.

"Pls be informed that our dress code is...."
*macam I'm a fine dining virgin"

Upon arriving with JS,
saw the head sommelier and voila!!!!

JS nonchalantly told the sommelier,

"We will be seated on this table near the entrance tonite aren't we?"
"No no no, Mr. Terry, you'll have your usual table....this way pls."

we got our usual table...WTF.
I need to photocopy your face to make reservation in the future.
and the person who took my reservation thought I'm a Personal assistant/secretary to Mr.JS bla bla bla..

over the phone ealier,
"Pls tell your boss that we are so sorry bla bla bla bla yada yada."

Nevermind.....I will wait for my assistant to do all these in the future,
She's coming in on 1st March.

Wei, u oso got PA mar.
Ask her to do next time!!!!
Pensfolds 1986, been aged in the same barrel used for Hill of Grace...
1986!!! me just a cute tiny monkey at that time.
all the pics were of poor quality and shaky,
coz i had lotsa champagne on an empty stomach while waiting,
for Prince C.
cheers baby!! JS wearing a Panerai Luminor...cun.
my fav classic unagi & foie gras is back but not on the menu
The day when restaurant manager announced it's no longer available,
I almost cried....
seafood pasta with conch, prawns, scallops, barramundi, rockets....
Pensfolds 86, evian, Dom Perignon 98
Prince C all smiles coz his fav thick slabs of foie gras with truffles was yummy n heart blocking..

got to be the most expensive starter at RM 128.
very high cholesterol leh,
and he purchases foie gras by the kilos fr Gourmandines,
to make fried rice every single day,
wah, u very luxurious ar?
my fav wagyu cheef with wasabi was over braised this time......hmmmmm
cigar & coffee
Prince C is really a very snobbish looking fella,
the 1st time I met him,
I wanted to slap him left and right,
then left again, right again....and so on.

They were not posing for me,
that's how they looked like normally/ consciously....hai.

Do u feel like giving them a few slaps now???
perhaps a few punches as well?
my fav desserts all in one grand platter, fuji apples in phyllo pastry, grand marnier souffle, fig tart, chocolate cup cakes and dollops of yummy ice cream....so sinful!!
yes me all tipsy already.....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kala Kala with galfriends

Just got home,
from a splendid outing,
with my uni galfriends.

It was an unfamiliar territory,
I got lost!!!!
WTF....am so dumb...can't believe it!!

after Su San sent me a map!
after JS showed me the place on Google Earth,
Su San gave me directions all the way over the phone..

man, I am confirmed a retard on directions.
Vonne (with her mike glued), Connie, Monkey, Su San
Alex & Connie
Vonne: You are my only oneeeeeEEEeeeeee
Lu Ai: .......................*only know how to smile*
Vonne: wooooooooo.....aaaaaaa....ooooooo
Lu Ai: wei....dun so over acting can or not??
Vonne should try to audition for some talent show,
she can sing anything...everything..
in every single language...

thanks to u Vonne,
that blarddy "kuch kuch hota hai" song is still playing in my head.
Next time u sing hokkien & hakka for me ya!!!

Tum paasse aye, Tum paasse aye
Yun Muskurayee, Tum nena jane kya
Sapne de khaye, Aabto mera dil
Jaane ka sota hai, Kya karoon ha ye
Kuch kuch hota hai......

In the end, dunno who's over acting lar....
I know someone gonna kill me after this for the above.....>_<
It will go like this...
"AH MOI!!!!....sdfjhbeirgqirbgke bgsjbhuaieba"

Su San and Connie
Vonne with Carol's wedding pic, Carol, Su San
I oso got mine.....Carol looked like a princess here!!!!

Reminded me of this Taiwanese actress...forgot her name...neh alwiz acted in those princessie dramas. Who ar? What's her name???
Vonne (finally parted with the mike), Monkey, Carol, Su San.
Lu Ai in her towel/mat keok pou and pucat Monkey
The b-day gals...all smiles
Why so happy ar?
getting older u know?
Su San bought a yummy superb green tea cake!!! We are health concious laydees

Then I saw this....
What the............??????
Vonne: Look!! I need a new phone for my b-day...sob sob

I've never seen anyone repair their phone that way!!
nor treat their phones that way...
For goodness sake throw it away!!!
unless there's some sentimental value in it!!!

Which I think should be the case,
since Vonne is such an emo & sentimental person.

At this stage, kuch kuch hota hai still playing in my head...
Someone gimme a tree to hide and some nice grassy fields for me to roll around.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wagyu beef pie

Saw the write up in Australia Traveller's gourmet....
err...or was it Donna Hay??

I lupa lar......old already.
bake the bugger!!!!!.......with my fav potatoes
With some leftover short crust pastries, I made the initial C and T. It looks pathetic.
the only part I lurve bout pies are the layers of yummy buttery pastries!!
but this time, the filling was damn good....wagyu beef and shitake mushrooms.

There will be a company trip early next month,
me dreading it and it's compulsory to go.
We are goin to Club Med Bali....


and I've got VVVVIP passes....
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad
sorry I can't be there for u.
cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry.........

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gourmet Syrup

all my Monin syrup lining up at home obediently
Froots syrup (passion fruits + raspberries and kiwi with bananas), gourmet syrup - mango, mint, guava, mint again, Rose, Peach.

Looking at its level, U'll know which is my favourite!!!
JS is a supporter of the silly kiddy kiwi banana and mango.

rose + martini = rosetini (it sounded so italian...I like!!)
you can mix monin into your drinks, cocktails, food, coffee, beer, wines.....
Monkey have them with sparkling perrier,
until I've gone pokai buyin perrier....sob sob...

it cost about 6.99 for a 750ml bottle..
and we consume like 2 bottles everyday..
So do your mathematics..
in average I spent RM 400 a month just to buy sparkling mineral water!!!!
there goes my Anne Klein pump shoes.

Now I have resorted to Spritzer sparkling water,
only Rm 2.99..
go to www.monin.com
to view more flavours,
they have more than 90 flavours.

*I dreamt of of u again last nite ernie, what are u trying to tell me?? tell me!!! This is so distracting :((((*

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It's a greek dessert...


wat a tongue twister,
but it sure twist your taste bud for it's so yummy!!!
Galatoboureko - sweet dessert wrapped in phyllo pastry with crisp almonds and cinammon sugar, drenched in lemony sugar syrup....Awesome yummy custard..

Made sure JS put more custard in my portion.
there's 4 more in the fridge waiting to be baked...
hmm......another round tonite?

Yes yes..I know I am very lucky & pampered..
just order what i wanna eat and home chef will make for me..
just give him 24 hours notice to retrieve the recipe and ingredients.
tee hee hee.....hhihihihihihihi...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

GPM Philip Morris Golf Day

I better blog about this before I forgot,
or before someone starts to complain....*tee hee hee*

JS was invited for a golf tournament last month..
*SEE....it was tad long ago...*
by Philip Morris at Saujana.

of coz there were ciggies freebies apart fr the usual golf goodie bags...
not to mention sexay chicks in knee high boots and super short minis.
It was a waste I didn't attend,
I was busy at work that day and partying hard at nite to notice this event.
*bad bad monkey*
sorry I was not there to support you...*heeeeeeeeeee*

Anyway I wanna officially congratulate...
Mr. Terry Lim Ju Sung
for being overall individual champion
beat the hell outta other GMs, directors, big fat ass bosses of other companies.
also another prize for nearest to pin....
*I heard u ta pau-ed all the main prizes/titles home*
JS kept his trophy at my sideboard...dedicated to me ar?
He got another invitation for another open next month,
erm, guess you don't need me to be a pom pom gals eh?
those chicks will do the job for me,
I'll wait for u at home,
for another trophy collection.
hee hee hee...

don't work so hard,
go and whack more balls every evening ya..
starting fr today if u wanna win!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Home Chef

With the new cutleries,
we had to cook/bake/roast something to use them..
my SET!!!!!
Roast crackling pork loin
Really awesome!!!
served with cinnamon apple sauce
JS sauted some japanese sweet pepper
steamed snapper with a superb Thai confit
It had been a Thai week..
AWESOME SHHHEEEAATTT *I just lurve to say it*
Lamb shank Panaeng
it's a Thai rendang,
the shanks were braised in coconut milk for 90 solid minutes.
not to forget, Thai famous "som tam Thai" = papaya salad
hehe...chef forcefully smiled for the camera. >_<