Friday, September 28, 2007

Fukuya, Authentic Japanese Restaurant

There U got ME!!!
almost every Friday Monkey will be at Fukuya.

I dunno where to eat tonite....Fukuya???
wat to eat wat to eat wat to eat wat to eat????
Tetsuya's Truffle Salt
Just that this round I brought pressie for Chef Ando.

Chef Ando: "Aahh. Tetsuya. Australia. U.....know him???"
Monkey: "oh no...hehehehe."

Chef Ando: "My friend. CK. Knows him very well. In Sydney. Great Chef. Tetsuya in Malaiseee?"
Monkey: "No. Coming. Soon. In.....Singapore Chef. At the. Casino."
yummy jap mushroom
fish liver
this was delicious~~~~~
tomato + corriander roots + garlic + lime salsa sashimi!!!
Who would have thought???

After all the appetizer,
we were ready to order.
sashimi platter
yeah I know looked like a garden~~~~

we had:
baby lobster
deep fried aji bones
Chef Ando's special creation
Hotate with Onni and super fresh salmon roe

I saw him dissecting the salmon for its roe~~~
lobster soup
when it comes to crustacean
I am lazy to makan.
steamed Mebaru
in soyu, mirin, sake.
garlic friend rice.

Saw Fukuya in Malaysia Tatler...
and their website is up!!!!
How often do u see restaurants advertising in mag??????

go visit it:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gardens

Drove to Lingkaran Syed Putra in the rain,
chanting to myself:
"Lucky lucky no jam.....lucky lucky~~~"

By the look of the mall,
it was being rushed for the opening.

and poor monkey skated and waded,
thanks to the slippery marble floor still laced with cement powder,
and the "look see" crowd.
Robinsons was launching their departmental store,
with Dato Dr Ng Yen Yen as the GOH.

*Off topic:
I hate it when ppl ask me who is this Mr. Goh arriving for this this this event.
Usually it's printed on the invitation card.
"Basket!!! it's not Mr.'s GUEST OF HONOUR!!!!"
~~~~~rolls eyes~~~~~~pffftttttttt

anyway our Madam GOH gave us an astounding speech,
on the breakdown of retail expenditures for 2007 vs 2006,
the positive numbers on the declined poverty level,
and the rest are just % $ % $ % $.

B!, Wei Wei and Monkey all rolling eyes.
"What do u expect???"
"Deputy Minister of Finance wuttttttt."
B! and Monkey
4 lions were performing
but I can't see a thing.

"How many ppl did u all invite?"
"3 k."
me and Serious Kamil
I like this pic a lot though it was not well taken....
coz I seldom see him so happy.
Kamil's usual serious face
The best journalist in the whole universe - Kee Hua Chee
with his outstanding fiery top,
and a snake or dragon *watever* clutchin his neck,
even his pants were full of snake skin,
and a bag with crocodile feet?!?!?!?!?!?!
*apa itu wor???*

ME: "What is tat Kee?"

Best Journalist: "Oh!........that's my bbbbaaaaag. SEEEEEeee so I can put small things insssssiiideeeee."
*pointing his fingers full of jewelries at me*

"You know..... yada yada yada yada yada yada."

The rest are too private to share here. Sorry folks.
I lurve it when I get 1st hand juicy stories fr him,
Memang Best Journalist-poh!!

and I am glad that the Prevention of Cruelty to animals,
did not come after u!!!

So visit The Gardens folks,
just 1.5 minute walk fr Midvalley Megamall Centre Court entrance.

Monkey would suggest Pavilion,
Go to Pavilion ya at Bukit Bintang!!!

PS: Oreo Nij!!! I'm shifting from Adorn Floor Starhill to Pavilion Couture. Yaaayyy new home for Monkey!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a Doggie's life

Happy Belated 1st Birthday Girl!!
That's 7 years in human life.
Girl belongs to Eveline,
this Monkey can't keep any pets nor pests.
She can't even take proper care of herself.
yum yum yum
so darn cute...
now I FEEL like having a dog,

I might even abuse or spoil the poor animal.
either i forgot to feed him or spoil him with a Burberry hutch!!!

Better shake the idea off!!
shake it shake it.

"I want a dog."
"No. I can't stand fury animals."

"then...then I want a rabbit!!!"
"NO, that's even more fur."

So in the end no pets nor pests.
JS got me a new phone.

and forgot bout having a pet.

That was easy.
Dom dee dum.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

I tried to be an "intelligent" monkey,
and wikipedia-ed on the above festival...
the abundance of information just made me even blur,
there are so many version of the origin of this festival
Read bout it *here*

Couldn't care much...
the memories of burning candles and lanterns,
chomping down sweet mooncakes which gave me toothache,
enjoying the view of beautiful full moon is enuff to keep me breathless.

for those who are working for hongkie company,
damn u...u get a holiday!!!!
*not fair not fair not fair not fair*
JS's friend, a GM for the above company,
sent us some yummylicious mooncakes.

"Wow, so many of them. How are we gonna finish it?"
"No worries, I can eat one whole piece by myself."
"O_O nanti u sakit perut baby."
when it comes to ice cream....
sakit perut does not exist.
His' fav flava.....chocolate
with mango sorbet in the middle
Monkey's fav~~~~~~strawberries
however our fav flava for Haagen Dazs = Rum & Raisin

Go buy it!!!
RM 36 per piece, there are
- macadamia
- chocolate
- strawberry
- cookies & cream *this is soooooo Oreo Nij*

"U still have any friends who are GM of this and that brand???"

"Preferably fashion, apparels, bags, shoes, ar???"
"-_-..............oil & gas u want???? free petrol voucher??"

Dear readers....
enjoy your mooncakes, kacang, pomelo...
the season of giving *and receiving*
and think of the needy ones...

but most of all
enjoy burning your lanterns ya!!!!!!
oooOOOooooo I missed tat.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Alexonnie keluar rumah

Connie & Lu Ai Chan
All of us membabi buta and found the place,
Su San reached almost the same time as the Heng Tais.
We were unexpected of wat to do,
and LOCK the gate as fast as we can.
There were so many of them.....
but we were not afraid nor concern.

more like wat to do with them!!!!
Alex was asked to tie a "carrot" on his waist...
and try to hit the "potato" into the box,
without using his hands.

No worries folks,
no carrots nor potatoes were harmed during the process.
Connie & Monkey
I took breaks here and there between torturing the heng tais
Lee Yean & Farn Shue
Yes I know both of u are very happy....
U dun get to torture 20 guys everyday don't ya???
When it comes to retrieving the bride,
the groom and his entourage must pay up...

and this is wat they are paying!!
We asked them to staple the mahjong paper with notes....
they pandai pandai folded it into half and filled it with RM 1......
cheh kai nyaaaaa!!!
Ass Kickin Vonne,
our penjaga pintu no.1 counting the ang pow.
RM 99.99
mana cukup????
showed the pic to Connie and she let us dictate the price,
in order for the door no.1 to be opened.
Monkey & Sizuka
We closed the curtain and let the hengtais gather more $$$$$
and took a short break camwhoring...hehehehehe
Monkey & Ass Kickin Vonne
having her chocolate cake...
we were truly taking our break in the mid of this ever important negotation!!!
We were not EVIL!!
we FED them too....
yes with hard boiled eggs...
Alex the 1st to go,
must sing the Limbo Rock song baru syiok with the pic above....and the next pic!!
Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world
Gonna do the limbo rock
All around the limbo clock~~~
They were so passionate bout what they are doin!!

Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's do the limbo rock
OMG!!! your mouth STINKS!!!!!
GO on pass it on~~

Limbo lower now
Limbo lower now
How low can you go
After all the limbo-ing
with carrots, potatoes and eggs...
they were tru the 1st obstacle!!
Meet Foo Su San, Penjaga Pintu No.2
and threw questions at the groom!!!
Monkey & Lee Yean
While the Q&A session were goin on....
as usual Monkey went camwhoring again.
Lu Ai Chan & High Flyer Calvin
His face went red from standing under the sun for 60 minutes,
poor him....he should have joined the chee muis and be on the other side of the gate.

Nvm...good experience,
so he'll know how hot it will be when it's his turn next time.
So moral of the up $$$$$
and u'll be thru.
What's everyone looking????
Alex performing some romantic songs to Connie,

the door is opened!!!
"Sorry my love....that I took 1 hr and 20 minutes to get to u.
It's all your chee mui's fault!!!"
By slipping the beautiful stilletos to the stunning bride...
Alex has vowed to be her slave forever and ever.
While the bride and the groom were lovey dovey,
passionate and romantic...

we chee muis were back to business!!!!
tabulating our ang pows.
In a glimpse,
they were all done....

I think my chee muis are fit to work in a bank,
or casino....calculating cash~~~~~~
Ass Kickin Vonne went cuckoo~~~~
count $$$$ till her hair almost drop
The chee muis
minus Monkey
then the tea drinking ceremony
It's a chinese custom,
which I dunno wat's the purpose.

I just know it's a "must" in every chinese wedding.
the lay-dees
and the heng tais
we were sooooo out numbered!!!
Connie stepping out with daddy holding the red umbrella

Congratulations Alexonnie!!!
enjoy your honeymoon ya!!!!!!!