Friday, May 30, 2008

Monkey is still away~~~

Greetings fr Miss Monkey!!!

yep I missed blogging
I missed my nasi lemak
I missed driving my cars
I missed going to work
I missed all my emails
I missed torturing myself with more work
and most of all...
I missed my readers :)))))

The above are enuff to send me packing now.

OKIE enuff said...
I am packing to go home soon.
Been away too long.

Come back on Monday for more pics.

PS: I am still lazing around with the sunny beautiful Mediterranean sea

Thursday, May 22, 2008

GAH of the Day

When monkey introduced me, she mentioned I am a big fan of (fluff)friends. Well, yes, I am. I am also a big (as in really, really ardent) fan of Sarah Brightman.

Talented and beautiful.
(Apart from her looking so gorgeous here, I posted this pic for another reason - that is, to have a pic somewhere in this post. Ahem!)

Right, back to the point - the following is an excerpt of a real conversation that took place:

me: Do you listen to Sarah Brightman?
him: Yes. She's errr.... hmmm *rolls eyes upwards* errrr.... hard to categorize.
me: ???
him: She's not exactly a classical singer.
me: Yeah, she's very unique. Her songs are different from the usual.
him: Do you listen to Jazz music?
me: Nope. Jazz is boring *yawn*
him: Hmmph! Sarah Brightman is boring too!

GAH!!! And I mean, GAH!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


This is my ultimate opportunity to publish this monkey's full name here. WAAHAHAHAHAHHAH.

This is the day that this naughty primate reaches the same age as me, and Mee Mee and I would like to wish her a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We wanted to bake a cake and throw it at her face, but sadly we're not exactly baking experts.

Results of Mee Mee's baking efforts... not very pretty yea

So we decided to make something else we're also not exactly experts at, but will definitely look prettier than those poor burnt cupcakes...

Mee Mee posing with our creation for Bee Ree (aka monkey)

It took us quite a while, and the end result wasn't very professional-looking, but it is 100% from the heart. Unfortunately, this poor bouquet had to spend 8 hours waiting in Mee Mee's car today, before it got delivered to the birthday girl. Some of the lilies looked pitiful by then :(

We've learnt our lesson, Bee Ree. It won't happen again. (This shows just how "often" we receive flowers, that we didn't know we're not supposed to leave it sauna-ing in the car for the whole day while we went about our businesses)

Mee Mee would not allow me to post her pic without posting mine (not fair worrr, she said).

Alright, there. Satisfied now?

When the bulbs blossom, they're going to be a really pretty fuchsia, just the way Bee Ree likes them. A single bloom fell off (casualty of shipping & handling) from the bunch and is right now sitting pretty and content in Mee Mee's kitchen...

Bee Ree, we hope your birthday's been a great one. Many happy returns!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My VIP dayzzzzz

Very-Important-Pig that is...
eat zzZZZZzz eat zzZZzzzz
chaffeured around the resort, eat sumore, zzzZZzz sumore
let ppl pamper me, zzZZZzzz
whack some balls at the driving range, massage....
*snort snort*

only my schedule was that way.
we stayed at a very nice private villa facing the sea,
it's kinda *some* walking distance for big fat me...
so we were given a buggy to go around the 3335 acres resort

I rammed it up to the spa, to the beach to the club house to the golf course.
confirmed licence kopi.
yep really nice view
makes u wanna ZZZZZZZ sumore

the villa has it's own personal lounge,
personal beach, personal yard,
personal check-in, personal services etc etc
and of coz my very own PERSONAL BUGGY.

I drove like a mad monkey around the resort in my bright pink dress.
*the resort staffs slapping their forehead when they see Cruella coming*
the architecture is so Borneo inspired
the cute fan was useless...coz we rarely turn it on.
In our hot and humid weather...nothing beat the cold breeze fr the air cond.
first thing first in the morning

I lurve their coffee with cinnamon sugar.

we got a personal lounge with personal food for breakfast.
JS went to this one with mommy.....
JS: "It's so fine dining. So tak sedap (for breakfast)."

I went to the main one at the club which has my favourite fried bee hoon,
fried rice, chinese vege......sayang dun have nasi lemak. :(
yes eat sumore...
nanti sakit perut.

the pineapples were infused with cinnamon stick + basil
super YUM!!!
after hugging my huge tummy,
i went and make it even bigger by lazing around.
tee hee hee
*pic stolen fr Karambunai website*

and so HE went to torture himself as early as 6.30am everyday
under the hot sun
*pic stolen fr Karambunai website*

and me tortured my pocket....

aaaAAAAaaaaa SPA!!!!!

I went to the SPA centre = Borneo Spa
having massage outdoor is an experience but it's so HOT!!!!
*pic stolen fr Karambunai*

the lobby of the SPA centre was really beautiful and cozy
and so private.

Bernard da Joker: (Having backpain fr golf) "aiyayayayayaaaaaa"
Monkey: "I just went to SPA nice....U should GOOOOOOOO."

Bernard da Joker: "Dowan!! Later lagi sakit."
Monkey: "Wat???"

Bernard da Joker: "My pocket expensive."
Monkey: -_-"
there's other facilities at the spa
sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, hot cold pool, relaxation lounge etc etc

pssttt, actually no photos allowed..

dun tell karambunai ok?????
the other entrance of the villa faces a pond
JS taught me to cycle at the resort.

We almost took the "bicycle-for-two"
but that would mean I dun get to learn a thing at all.
JS: "Just keep peddling and don't stop."
I was so obedient and did only that till I dunno how to stop and brake.

JS: "put down your legs!!!!" *trailing closely behind*


hai....still got time to complain
I still prefer the buggy.
nope I didn't try

coz my legs are definitely not long enuff to touch the ground,
I have no control over the horse,
and they will run on the beach with me screaming like a mad woman in her bright pink dress.
and I dowan to be a luffing stock among all the naked mat sallehs on the beach
hey wat tree is this??
after JS was done torturing himself,
he took me for a long walk along the beach.

why long???
6km long.........
yep it's private and only guests have access to it.
I'm gonna have "natural socks" soon with all the sun and golf
ooOoooo wat's that???
it's ALIVE!!!!!!!
dead corals
we went to the other end near the mountain
and watched the sun set~~~
there's a swamp connected to the beach
it's about 9 feet deep.
the view makes u wanna sleep rite????
so u can't blame me for sleeping all the time.
there's cabanna on the beach for massage and drinks
hmmm, just trying to compose a nice pic.

JS: "hmmmm that's a used in like somebody drank it before hence the unnatural hole in it."
Monkey: "U sure????
nope this was not the bright pink dress
that one was really pink and Fuchsia

JS can spot me fr afar...
good so u won't have a "lost gf" report to do.

u can find me at only 3 places:
1) SPA, indulging myself
2) Villa, sleeping
3) places where got makan, pigging it out.
Life a bliss...
and I got food poisoining thanks to their "good nite" chocolate.
Don't wanna talk about it...wat a bad experience.
anyway I'll get free accommodation again for that (reimbursement for my sakit-ness mar)

Karambunai Nexus Resort *click to go*
Highly recommended
Compulsory to go.

ya baby, we go again ya?
u torture urself under the sun and me with my pocket.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

9th Karambunai Golf Open 2008

It's such a lovely course to me
but to JS: "It's such an easy course!!! Child's play!!!"

cakap besar...
but not so...coz he won.
I didn't expect that.
I took pic of this printed photo
some player fr Sarawak, JS, Bernard da Joker, some player fr Sarawak.

Where is Bernard's driver???
everyone is holding one, why aren't u?

yes I know...all golfers are "black black blackies"
This was on the final day....
where JS played with the GM of Kurnia insurance
*who sponsored Hole-In-One*

After Monkey woke up,
she took a buggy and drove around the course looking for JS
*it is illegal to do that during any tournament but we were very-important-PIGS (VIP) there :P*
*eat and sleep everyday mar*

"How do u know which hole he is playing at this very moment?"
"heeeeeeeeeee, look for the most good looking golfer. And the one with the longest drive and sometimes shortest temper. MUAHAHAHAHAHA."
shhhhh quiet!!!!! everyone and everything must freeze...
otherwise HE will come after u with all his clubs + buggy.
yep the golfer with the longest drive and shortest temper in town.
tee hee hee
*JS is soooo gonna strangle me at home tonite. GAH!!!*
when the shortest temper part outshined the longest drive,
Monkey drove as far as she could!!!!
*cepat cepat lari cepat cepat lari!!!!*

Anyway I could only watch fr afar,
U are not suppose to disturb the players during any tournament,
anyway my presence there was already illegal.
:P pffftttttttt.

Joker: "His caddy's size and height almost like you. So his temper should be alrite I think. Hahaha. Wat u think Cherry?"

Monkey: "U should have given her a mask that looked like me."

Joker: "I think......he'll play very bad with u around."
Monkey: >_<wah!!!! number one wor!!!!
U've been nursing your handicap izzit???
how come still 12??
I think you are a 7 handicapper lar.
Go and win more tournaments and u kenot "nurse" your handicap liao....

but SCARILY scary for JS to overcome players like
Kalana *Borneo No.1 (Handicap = 0)*
and Nicholas Fung *Msia no 1 amateur (handicap = 1)*

See!!! Temper can overcome everything....heeeeeeeeeeee
*I think more like tonite he will chop me up for dinner*

Bernard da Joker not too bad at number 9...
despite his slipped disc.
the whole family are golf nuts.
yes so clever...won some cash money...
if only u are a PRO and play full time then those $$$$ = millions lar..
overall, JS got 2nd for nett score.
just by having fun and not even trying hard at all...
*u should have tried harder and PAU all the prizes*

quit your job and go play golf everyday.
*which U are already playing everyday*

coz I think for bigger opens the cash prizes are more like in hundreds of thousands and milllions????
*then I'll need to produce more masks that looked like me for everyone to wear at the course*
and another shopping voucher....
so wat do u wanna buy with that???

Yep indeed Karambunai is the best resort golf course in Malaysia.
super the nice..
I'll tell u why tmrw.

Congratulations again...and can u pls pls pls join BMW Open despite
u hating the format, dun like the courses, dun like the some-many-other-things?

they'll send the winners to Buenos Aires
and best thing of all!!!!
u'll see the real MASK of ME in every tournaments by BMW.
*heeeeeeeee so u'll play better*

I forgot to post this yesterday.......
It was at the back of Bernard da Joker's Prado Cruiser.

yes Work is for ppl like ME
who dunno how to fish.
*but I am an expert on eating fishes*

no wonder Joker doesn't work.
What a wonderful life.
Play golf, fish, fish, eat fish, fish, go out to the sea, play golf. golf....ZZZzzzzz.

so Mr. JS,
can I register u in the next tournament at Saujana?
I want that Mercidit SLK!!!!
and also the Beamer Z4

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fishing in South China Sea

Bernard da Joker: "I'm gonna sell my boat off."
We: "O_O"
Bernard da Joker: "Let's go fishing tomorrow!!!!!"
As early as 8am,
we were at the dock waiting for Miss Monkey to climb up the boat.
Yes it's connected to the land with a 1.5 feet wide wooden plank
positioned at a steep level of 9 feet high.
U tell me how to climb????

I can't help but looked down,
or should I just close my eyes and walk up???
I almost needed JS to haul me up the boat.
I'm not gonna do this again with the whole fishing clan waiting and staring and luffing at this city slicker.
Most of the fishing boat looked like this.
big and steady to withstand the strong sea.
it's quite a long boat actually
but I can't run around coz it's so unsteady and I was afraid of sea sick.

JS: "Here take some duramine or else there will be DRAMA on board later."
Monkey popped one,
it made me feel sleepy but I didn't get any seasick at all.
when your hair is like the above,
it's time to visit your hair stylist.
I bet my hairstylist is soooo gonna disapprove the above pic.
the wind is blowing erm ....North westerly?
or was it North Easterly??
If I am the captain, everyone will either capsized or lost at the dock,
coz I won't be able to maneuver the boat outta dock.
dunno wat do u call this.
every commercial fishing boat has it.
and then the engine began to run...
the hunks~~~~
JS and Jody fr Spain.
everyone seemed to be so busy,
tying hooks, adjusting "weight" at the end of the rod.

All I could do was get outta way.
Those hooks were sharp.
Make sure u have beautiful slippers on your feet like mine at all time.
So complicated!!
How to use????
What are u guys doin????
preparing sashimis for the fish.........
Monkey: "Do u think they'll like wasabi + soyu?"
JS: -_-
tie them up neatly and nicely.
Just posing.....
coz u are not supposed too fish when the engines are running.
Far far away fr land~~~~~
yep one hour away.
Bernard da Joker placed so many fishing rods around,
so can fish to the max!!!!
and then we were at the open sea~~~~~
yep really far coz we can see contena + cargo ships
time to drop your fishing rods and~~~~~
I thought it was an enduring activity with all the waiting and waiting
but I was wrong,
the moment you drop the fishing rod,
u have to be prepared for it!!!!
3 at one go!!!!
that was fast!!!
in less than 3 minutes,
Jody hauled up a big one!!!!
it's our dinner~~~~~
smaller fishes for lunch
super yum!!!!
we fished *and me watched* for the next 5 hours.
very syiok.

Can u pls not sell your boat???