Friday, August 29, 2008

Clive mag launch

actually it was a party by a magazine,

but I was -_-"
when I valet-ed my car,
and saw the row of chicken coops.
"Is this another chicken coop event?"
Baby Wei: "hmmm....Look they are the sponsor!!!!"
Baby Wei & Monkey
We were lucky to be stationed upstairs as VIPS,
otherwise gonna cramp with sweaty smellie guests downstairs
who were busy downing bottles and bottles of carlsberg
o_O just bcoz it's free flow.

I can't believe it,
I've attended 2 chicken coops event this month!!!
Mini Coopers!!! U stay away fr me OK!!!!

PS: after I've finished the above sentence, I've just recalled I'll be goin to Cameron with I-Ching in her blue Chicken Coop S series. haiiiizzzzzzz. Minus the roof. haizzzzzzzzz.

Perfect Invitation

I've got a wedding invitation in my inbox yesterday
fr SLeng.

Without suspecting much,
I thought it's her wedding invitation for next month.
But it was.............
I am thankful
1) JS is not a doctor
2) I am not allergy to nuts.

anyway I'm gonna meet Her Royal Highness JS's beloved mom
next month for her big big birthday bash
that our Milan trip has to be postponed.

wish me LUCK!

Dinner at Jalan Raja Laut

It was raining like cats and dogs,
we thought dinner would have to be postponed
either to another day or another place.

But Beautiful CS didn't informed it was a proper makan place
with roof and all.
steamed fish with salted vege and chilies.
I lurve its "soup"
Oh Jien!!!
fried oyster omelette
we had 2 servings!!!
hiak hiak hiak.

from its parking, I was already telling YS and JS
*sniff sniff*
"oooo can u smell the egg???*

well wat to do, this Monkey whacked 250 balls at the driving range earlier,
and was so hungry she had to stuff her face with a piece of
"ghee" roti canai before dinner.
fried "pak kor" with seafood and nyek nyek nyek
my favourite crispy pork lard.

Beautiful CS was helping me to hunt for the tiny bits...
" u go."
fried bamboo clam "kam hiong" style.
stir fried "farn shu miu"
sweet potato leaves.
I like this vege a lot,
must be due to its fibrous chewy texture.
sticky sweet pork ribs was the last dish.

her standard question after the last course:
Beautiful CS: "Can u all still eat? Do u want anything else?"
All of us: "YES PLEASE!!!!"
our FAT faces

I dunno how the heck did 4 of us whacked everything
next to go would be my turn to cari a place to makan.

Mr. JS, your turn to think apart fr eating at Chef Takashi.
the place aint' ready yet.

No name makan place
Jalan Tiong Nam
Off Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Satu kuda, dua kuda

I never like Ralph Lauren since I was a lil gal,
-_- sorry to RL's fans
last Fri during dinner,
both JS and Prince C coincidentally came in the
same brand
same collection
same colour
cept that one has got one horse
the other has 3 horses.

"It's different, mine got 3 horses, his only ONE. Entirely different collections!!!"
stressing his point and trying to educate miss monkey

Same same to me
and I don't understand why these 2 buggers went around
RL's boutiques in Spore looking for the limited
2 horses polo shirts.
and when I was in Pavilion on Sunday,
I saw Mr. 2 horses with number 3 on the sleeve sitting neatly
*they can't count izzit? only 2 horses but put number 3???*
at the flagship store.
all colors and all sizes were there.

JS was squealing like "Ms Monkey-when-she-saw-her-IT-Bag"
and called Prince C -_-
"Come to Pavilion now. Your 2 horses is here!!!!!"

I thought only women are vain pot.
anyway since I so sayang him, I got him the shirt.
-_- *I oso beh-tahan*

Not that expensive coz in Spore it was SGD 275
Pavilion RM 610
so...same same only.
JS is starting his collection of RL shirts in multiple colors.
JS got me the Ralph Lauren Golf shirt in Cyprus.
I seldom wear it coz I-told-u-i-dont-like-RL

very exp there coz it's was in euro...
wear already can fly one..
yeah maybe my balls can fly higher the next time I hit it with 5 Wood.
then it's OUR TURN!!!
I-Ching and me came in the same LV Roxbury Drive.

Our turn to be vain pots.
"See See our bags same same!!!!"

The RL men: -_-"

Fukuya staffs then said: *the restaurant we were dining at then*
"WAH like brothers like sisters."

More like twins I must say.
This is what happen when u go shopping together.

What's in a BAG?

Tracie gonna get me this exclusive bag hanger

"I want the RED one!!!"
Tracie: "That's gonna cost SGD 99.99 unless u choose other colors."

-_- hai.........
yes so I don't have to look for a place for my bag to sit.
esp on dirty chairs,
or having my back crushing my wonderful bags when they are seated together with me on the same chair.
*I vely sayang my bags one*
anyway off topic already,
Tracie took out the content of her Bottega Veneta hobo....
and laid em nicely on the table.

So she has got:
nail clippers, mini perfumes sprays for HIM and HER,
IKEA measuring tapes *???*, 3 different thumb drives,
hand creams, rubber bands, hair bands,
safety pin 2x black for black apparel and gold for other col apparels *how thoughtful*

red wine stain remover spray
*this one a must have*

proper ZIPLOCK bag for ta-pau action
paper blotter, EYEMO, a pack of emergency medication *panadol, zyrtec bla bla bla*
hands free for mobile and some other peripherals.

So guys...
now u know why the hell we need BIG BIG mothership bags?

and Dear JS,
if u wanna tumpang your versace wallet + Iphone in the future,
*both are so bulky*
i'm gonna charge rental unless Monkey happen to use the bag(s) that u bought for me.
*that's the privilege/incentive of buying bags for me*

-Evil Grin-

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The pretty pretty team

Moomba, Boat Quay

We missed Moomba for quite some time,
too many makan places to go,
and too few days.oysters in 3 different ways,
original, warm with chardonnay ??? and with a special almost thai-liked sauce
Appetizer of seared yellow fin tuna with mangosteen salad = yummy,
salmon belly with japanese rice infused in truffle oil,
and toro on stick, which I gladly passed over to Prince C.
foie gras with mash which was not made fr potato,
I forgot wat was that.
my favourite!!!!!
linguine with skillet grilled prawns
waygu cheek.....I was very full by then.
Si Fu Lawrence, JS, Desmond
Si Fu and Desmond used to cook together back in Melbourne.
and super sporty of him to teman-ed me and Tracie next door
to have a good luff at the sexay lingeries and sexay toy shop.

karma sutra pasta anyone? and boobie eggs??
hiak hiak hiak.
another foodie couple, Mr. & Mrs. W
this pair traveled around the world for good food and wines.
quick!! go and start a blog with all the great pics u took!!
the ladies!!!
my fav wines of the nite!!
highlight of the nite got to be Leonard's superb egg tart
so soft and yummy and good I had 2nd slice.
one last bite.....yum yum

During the appetizer course, Monkey went to the kitchen
"Leonard, what's for dessert?"

During main course, Monkey went to kitchen again
"Leonard, can we have the normal pastry based instead of OREO?"

After my long awaited yummy dessert, Monkey went in again.
"Leonard, I was wondering do u have another slice of tart for me??? :))))))"
Leonard *the one and only with specs* was so sweet to accommodate this Monkey.
thank u so much for the wonderful creation.
Can I have another tart to take away????
egg tart went so well with Sauternes
Si Fu's favourite.
Must have after every meal.
BilleCart Salmon champagne,
chambolle musigny 03,
Clos de la Roche 93,
Clos de vougeout 02,
savaterre which Si Fu opened at 1pm and let it breathed for 7 hours....
how can u blind us with a new world wine????
I-Ching & Prince C with their notti princes.
Tremian is such a darl!!
but both of them kept on yelping "Mommy I'm hungry!!!" all the time

Prince C: "Huh Billecart again tonite??? Why??? Durian runtuh??? Champagne prices dropped izzit?"
JS and Monkey
The Moomba Restaurant
52 Circular Road,
Singapore 049407
Tel: + 65
6438 0141

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Global Brand Forum 2008

our door gifts aka goodie bag with another devilish version: baddie bag
guess which one I took?

I felt so proud walking around the ballroom with my BADDIE bag,
spells I'm bad and I'm so so so bad u better watch out!!!!
Jamie and Monkey
and welcome to Marketing!!!!
U soooo gotto lurve it!!!

this year's forum was kinda boring,
with the number of delegates dropped to 700.
anyway I've only spent 0.5 days outta 2 days innit,
all thanks to.....-_- work.
Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.
this one die die no time oso must go
and I went.
this one is for Nee Lee and Mee Mee :)))))))))))
Mr. Will Wright, founder of Sim City and THE SIMS!!!!!!
our most favourite pc game of all time.
*yes our names of nee lee, mee mee and bee ree came from The Sims*

hey check out his new game coming out soon this September
*more gasp*

sighhhhhhhhhhhh :)))))))))))))
Mr Charming can die, Harry H. of Pepsi co China.

"Oh My Gawd, can u attend to him?"
"No your GAWD, he's asking for YOU!!"

"SHITTTTT!!! suddenly I've just forgotten everything. U GO!!!!"
"U owe me this woman!!!"

*continue to drool*
Monkey and Ms. Whitherspoon
thank you for the 1.5 years
enjoy your tour in Europe,
hope our path will cross again.

Take Care!!!!!
Jamie, Mik, Elaine, Monkey
as alwiz, we worked like mad woman
for this event.

next one coming soon in a few months time.
I guess the motivation would be which leng cai speakers are coming.
I don't want Mr. Clinton.

anyway read bout last year's forum *here*

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kome Japanese Restaurant, Keppel Club

I-Ching with super notti Brian & Tremian
the only way to keep them down = nintendo
the only way to keep this monkey down = FOOD
hiak hiak hiak
gigantic oyster from Japan = kaki
it's really big,
compare it with the lemon.
fresh sea urchin straight fr its shell,
u'll never like those fresh ones on the box anymore after this.
oooOoooo gimme more!!!!
that's a lil dollop of fresh wasabi in the middle
last time I thought burgs can't go with jap at all,
but now.....totally lurve it.
I never seem to be able to remember all those fishes I ate,
need a small notebook next.
and I've seem to forgot to inform Chef to gimme 1 piece instead of 2
during the sashimi courses.
braised japanese squid
seared torro? I thought I've informed Chef no torro for me.
grilled saba fish
raw japanese cockle
chef dissected everything carefully,
removed all the yucky part and left the crunchy meat intact.

still the idea of eating huge clam the size of a lemon was scary,
Si Fu Lawrence uses this to fry kuey teow at home.
so exp leh.
I can't remember how many courses we had,
but it was a noble banquet I must say.
weird fresh seaweed with grated ginger,
acquired taste I must say.
grilled japanese squid
looked at those glasses
ooni fry rice?
fresh from Japan
wagyu with enoki mushrooms
who brought this?
both were totally awesome
the boys are into vougeot now.
the "boys"
crispy deep fried bhutan head.
my clam soup....with a huge clam innit.
japanese melon + japanese grapes.
just make sure u ask them if it's from Japan,
otherwise don't waste time.
eppy face coz dessert was on the way
yuzu ice cream with real yuzu inside,
Fukuya in Msia serves those normal ones :((
black sesame ice cream
4 SCOOPS!!!!!!???!!??!?!?!
only HE can consume that much.......
stomach's CC like the CC of his car.
JS, Si Fu Lawrence, Prince C
Kome Japanese Restaurant
10 Bukit Chermin Road,
Keppel Club
Tel: +65 6273 0118