Friday, August 29, 2008

Clive mag launch

actually it was a party by a magazine,

but I was -_-"
when I valet-ed my car,
and saw the row of chicken coops.
"Is this another chicken coop event?"
Baby Wei: "hmmm....Look they are the sponsor!!!!"
Baby Wei & Monkey
We were lucky to be stationed upstairs as VIPS,
otherwise gonna cramp with sweaty smellie guests downstairs
who were busy downing bottles and bottles of carlsberg
o_O just bcoz it's free flow.

I can't believe it,
I've attended 2 chicken coops event this month!!!
Mini Coopers!!! U stay away fr me OK!!!!

PS: after I've finished the above sentence, I've just recalled I'll be goin to Cameron with I-Ching in her blue Chicken Coop S series. haiiiizzzzzzz. Minus the roof. haizzzzzzzzz.

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