Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's in a BAG?

Tracie gonna get me this exclusive bag hanger

"I want the RED one!!!"
Tracie: "That's gonna cost SGD 99.99 unless u choose other colors."

-_- hai.........
yes so I don't have to look for a place for my bag to sit.
esp on dirty chairs,
or having my back crushing my wonderful bags when they are seated together with me on the same chair.
*I vely sayang my bags one*
anyway off topic already,
Tracie took out the content of her Bottega Veneta hobo....
and laid em nicely on the table.

So she has got:
nail clippers, mini perfumes sprays for HIM and HER,
IKEA measuring tapes *???*, 3 different thumb drives,
hand creams, rubber bands, hair bands,
safety pin 2x black for black apparel and gold for other col apparels *how thoughtful*

red wine stain remover spray
*this one a must have*

proper ZIPLOCK bag for ta-pau action
paper blotter, EYEMO, a pack of emergency medication *panadol, zyrtec bla bla bla*
hands free for mobile and some other peripherals.

So guys...
now u know why the hell we need BIG BIG mothership bags?

and Dear JS,
if u wanna tumpang your versace wallet + Iphone in the future,
*both are so bulky*
i'm gonna charge rental unless Monkey happen to use the bag(s) that u bought for me.
*that's the privilege/incentive of buying bags for me*

-Evil Grin-


licheng said...

that bag hanger is very very convenient. i saw it in seattle, i think it was only $13.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: So affordable!!!! not FAIR!!!!