Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Global Brand Forum 2008

our door gifts aka goodie bag with another devilish version: baddie bag
guess which one I took?

I felt so proud walking around the ballroom with my BADDIE bag,
spells I'm bad and I'm so so so bad u better watch out!!!!
Jamie and Monkey
and welcome to Marketing!!!!
U soooo gotto lurve it!!!

this year's forum was kinda boring,
with the number of delegates dropped to 700.
anyway I've only spent 0.5 days outta 2 days innit,
all thanks to.....-_- work.
Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.
this one die die no time oso must go
and I went.
this one is for Nee Lee and Mee Mee :)))))))))))
Mr. Will Wright, founder of Sim City and THE SIMS!!!!!!
our most favourite pc game of all time.
*yes our names of nee lee, mee mee and bee ree came from The Sims*

hey check out his new game coming out soon this September
*more gasp*

sighhhhhhhhhhhh :)))))))))))))
Mr Charming can die, Harry H. of Pepsi co China.

"Oh My Gawd, can u attend to him?"
"No your GAWD, he's asking for YOU!!"

"SHITTTTT!!! suddenly I've just forgotten everything. U GO!!!!"
"U owe me this woman!!!"

*continue to drool*
Monkey and Ms. Whitherspoon
thank you for the 1.5 years
enjoy your tour in Europe,
hope our path will cross again.

Take Care!!!!!
Jamie, Mik, Elaine, Monkey
as alwiz, we worked like mad woman
for this event.

next one coming soon in a few months time.
I guess the motivation would be which leng cai speakers are coming.
I don't want Mr. Clinton.

anyway read bout last year's forum *here*


neil said...

THANK YOU Mr Sims Creator Will Wright! Bwera bweralar!!! :D

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Goman Schnala

S-kee said...

Will Wright! our idol! way to go!