Friday, July 31, 2009

Lunch at LV Elaine's

The first thing that greet us at LV Elaine's door was HUGE fluffy super friendly Luscious LuLu
she's so fluffy~~~~
everyone wanna have a pic with her!!!!
*observe the background with some monograms on it*
and she can do this trick
place a slice of treat on her nose
her eyes looking lazy here...
Luscious Lulu will wait for a cue before flipping the treat up and WHAM!!!
it was so fast I couldn't snap a pic despite numerous WHAM
LV Elaine has a beautiful Asian inspired home
can u spot her Louis Vuitton trunk which is now her coffee table?
*sigh...should have taken a closer snap*
the dining hall and a "bird nest" hanging lamp
while everyone was admiring the house, I fell in lurve with LV Elaine's pantry
it's soooooooo NEAT and FILLED with FOOOOODDDD
me and I Ching looking all stuffed and eppy eppy
thanks to the Hokkien mee galore we had 1 hour ago
remember? it's suppose to be a makan non stop day.
one hour after hokkien mee, we are all here seated together
ready to stuff our face!!!!!!
Blue Chilies Linch made this "Meang Kam"
it's a Thai delicacy/appetizer where u wrapped the leaves with chilis, onions,
ginger, dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, lemon slices and SECRET sauce
oh I had so many of these but none were wrapped by meself -_-"
monkey wrapped = all failed.....
*thank u Mr. JS for ensuring continuous feedings*
Cuppy Cake Jennifer, Blue Chilies Linh, LV Elaine, Herm C, I Ching
Hokkien Mee King, Chili Queen, Alamak Jeremy
hmmm didn't your mother taught u not to snap pic of ppl eating?
we had this vietnamese salad with prawns and belly pork
close up
observe the belly pork
*stomach rumbling now...sigh*
drizzled with sweet & sour sauce
yummy kerabu bee hoon!!!!
lurve the bunga kantan aka ginger flowers innit
Luscious LuLu is hungry too!!!!
but no human food for her :P
awesome fried kuey teow with pork lards on the side
Luscious Lulu still begging for food
me missing her already :))))))))))

This was only round 2...
after this galore, we went to Dangdenong

our stomachs were bottomless that day
or more like made to be one on that particular Sunday

In a nutshell, the YEOWs can really indulgence

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wicked Hokkien Mee

oh yup...we were still at Chili Queen's home
since there are continuous supply of endless chilis...she made them into dried chilis
another type of tulipy flowery chili all ready to be made into chili pickles
never knew we can get Kaffir limes in Australia :P
Hokkien Mee King = Si Fu Lawrence's dad
dun play play...he's really a hokkien mee king
cooked upon request by miss Monkey
the smell of the fragrant seafood + egg noodles made my stomach played its symphony no. 5
what's life without these in the Yeow's household???
Hokkien King threw a handful into his hokkien mee
Chili Queen also made fried chicken wings with CAYENNE pepper
saw that lil dried roasted chili on the right hand corner of the pic?
that's spicy CAYENNE pepper
more cut chilis on the table
this one has a shorter length and less spicier
AWESOME WICKED hokkien mee with CRISPY PORK LARDSSSSSS on the side
*just look at them!!!*
really yummy breakfast
yes folks, the above was for breakfast :P
lurve this home made wicked spicy belacan with tonnes of chilis + lemon

oh no...I'm so hungry looking at the above

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chili tour at Chili Queen's place

Chili Queen = Si Fu Lawrence's mommy
u'll know why she earned this nick later...

so we msians were invited by the aussies to have a great Sunday get together

with makans.....makans......and more makans...
a bare CHERRY tree
well it's winter so wat do u expect?
then we had a guided tour by Chili Queen around her garden~~~~
the above were not tomatoes folks but chilis
they are bout this size ok????
red fiery ones
those that shoots up towards the sky
dark coloured ones, like brinjals
weird bell flowery tulipy shape
long n dark colored chili
look!!! there's rhubarb....makes yummy rhubarb crumble/tarts
chevril and parsley
beautiful lemons
Chili Queen gave us some tips on gardening
*Monkey only knows how to garden in Pet Society*
Look ma! I have spanking hot chili and fresh rosemary
Monkey, Chili Queen, I Ching, Prince C
I lurve chilis....I was smiling like I've found treasures on my hands :P
it was rather chilly early in the morning...
Thank you to Chili Queen for the extensive tour...
never know there's so many types of chilis
oh yea that reminds me that I still owe her Habeneros seed