Monday, July 27, 2009

Red Hill Estate, Mornington

Red Hill Estate is a beautiful winery overlooking the sea
u can also catch a glimpse of Phillip Island far on the horizon
we had lunch at their restaurant - Max's
I Ching and Monkey can't decide what to eat
guess I took the longest to decide.....on duck :P
JS went outside and snapped a pic of us :)))
bread with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar...and the yummy dukkah
we bought some home :))))))))
dukkah is a concoction of dry spices
Bubbly from Red Hill's winery
palate was apple green
we started with this yummy freshly shucked oysters
*pic taken by JS*
*pic taken by Monkey*
with wakame and salmon roe
how fresh can it get????
it was so good we had 2 plates :P
that's equivalent to 2 dozens of oysters for 4 of us
JS & Prince C
JS almost never smile....above was a forceful smile..
well u'll know when he smiles fr his heart :P
testing the white balance of the camera
our combo of antipasto
JS had an ocean trout
my caramelised duck with mash and pan jus
I Ching had this crispy Tuscan pork belly rolled with garlic and rosemary with crispy bacon
lunch with a view :)))
overall, still can't beat ten minutes by tractor
but the view did...u get a lil bit of the wineries...and all the way on the horizon was the sea
our dessert platter - 5 mini dessert temptation
Lil Tremain and I Ching
strong wind there :)))
me looking bloated after all the food
*and we were bound for Rockpool by Chef Neil Perry in 4 hours time...BURP*

Max's Restaurant at Red Hill Winery
53 Shoreham Road
Red Hill South, 3937
Victoria, Australia.
Tel: +61 3 5931 0177


Yvonne Chan said...

Oh I went to Red Hill too... Love the bubbly and the Reserves there.... I only managed to get a couple of botts home :(

CHER-RY said...

Vonne: Hi Vonne :) a couple of bottles better than none rite? Due to toooooo many stuffs, we didn't buy any wines fr Red Hill :P