Monday, June 29, 2015

Our weekend :)))


Amid our busy schedule, we suddenly remembered it's our anniversary!!! LOL. I know.....and Monkey was >.< when JS said it's our 7th years anniversary....oh men...and sulked for like 30 seconds. It's our 9 my dear!!!

JS: "Has it been that long???"
Monkey -_-" 
I guess when you are having a great and amazing time, it just passes by so so fast. Monkey quickly made a reservation at the new restaurant that has gotten everyone talking about it. Dewakan :) will prepare a separate posting just for this restaurant.

Monkey: "Ok I am buying dinner and will pick u up at 7pm on Friday ok?"
JS nodded in delight. I did not expect any form of gifts but as sweet as alwiz, he went and got me something anyway :)))
Van Cleef & Arpels alhambra earrings in rare Malachite stones :)))
too pretty!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Dewakan was amazing!!!! Must go!!! Both of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with the 10 courses creation by Chef Darren Teoh.
He surprised us with his innovations, creativity and roots. The jet-white ice cream was a bomb!!! Pulut Ice creams!! yumssss.....Ok ok ok will save this for another posting.
The next morning on Saturday.....the appointment has been set at 8am for fitness training by my company and I lugged myself up with JS kicking me on the ass.

JS: "Wake up!!! go and run with ur colleagues!!!"
Monkey: "Oh why didn't it rain???? why????"

It was a good workout and I am glad I listened to JS :)))) Oh well despite being in alcohol business, the company promotes healthy living ok?? Don't think otherwise.
After the 1.5 hours workout.....JS rewarded Monkey with Peter Pork Noodle in Brickfields!!! Wahahahaha so yums. So do we work out to eat more?? I guess it's almost like that :D hehehehehe

I've left Miss Poot Poot Poot at service center for a week now, coz none of us has got time to retrieve her...:"( sniff

and when I got into the car, this was what I saw~~~~~
"I got bored while you were gone...."
Yeah she was already ready on Monday and we've only have got time on Saturday to get her!!!! Bad bad bad terrible horrible car owners!!!

But I guessed she has found some new friends at the show room?
tee hee hee. Good advertising efforts by Mini.

Ice Lollies at Dewakan...
hehehe yes...2 nites in a row at Dewakan. Dr. Epicurean had been pestering us so Monkey brought him here for dinner while JS attended another beautiful wedding. He dropped by later towards the end of the dinner for the wines. :)))))))
On Sunday morning, we woke up early for more exercises and stretching work....a bit of core body work outs here and there....There's alwiz incentive towards the end of any workouts...instead of pork noodle for Sunday, JS made french toast with caramelised bananas :))))

If I need incentives to do workouts, it's not a good thing. This mindset has to change!!! Anyway the french toast was yummmsssss and I had so many!!!

Now that I have a X-Pole at home, every Sunday is pole play day. That also bcoz Monkey took up spinning pole lesson 3 weekends ago. It's really different from static pole - which I've took up for a year now....still trying to get use to the spinning sensation and controlling its spins and speed.
So here I was, trying to do the Spinning Swan trick but to no avail. Was still too scared to let go of my left hands. >.< the pain......the bruises....ohhhhh~~~~
Hello bruises...check the patches of bruises on my thigh!!!
and we were so blessed to be invited for a family birthday celebration. This orgasmic homemade crab curry is only reserved for family birthdays, cooked by granny. Paired together with fluffy ghee thosai oh yummmssss~~~~~the best la!!!!

3 cakes for Birthday Gal :)))) Dinah is only 9 years young!!! and Peakie D was so thoughtful to celebrate our 9th anniversary as well. Thank you for everything and ur beautiful friendship. :)))) truly blessed to have you and Lyndon and the kids in our life :)))

Captured by JS, with his Leica lens...
That's way too many cakes for one lil gal but when it's your birthday, you rulezzzzzz hhaahahah

and one fr the iPhone for remembrance. Happy Birthday Dinah!!!!

So that's all for a short weekend, but we had a really really good time.
Happy Anniversary to my dearie JS, my soulmate :)))) And we will still preach the same thing, let's roam the Earth together!!! :)))) looking forward to our next destination and yes I will train harder to have a healthy and fit body. :))))

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Men Cooked up a storm in Singapore

Claypot Crab Rice, all made from scratch

If a pic taken with an iPhone could be so stunning, the real dish is even more awesome. Agree? So it was one of those weekends where we would bump ourselves to Singapore just for catch-up session. Session of food and wine indulgence, sometimes it has to be done quietly......shhhhhh....stealth mode into the country and quietly out. But these days with social media, u can hide no more unless u decided not to post nor share any pics.

another stunning dish of fresh frog legs wok fried with "hor" or kuey teow or in english, it's known as flat rice noodles. Kowfuu made sure there's plenty of "breathe of fire" on this dish. Usually beans sprouts are used to introduce the smokiness into the dish by frying it first on the wok to release the aroma, then u throw away the beans sprouts before actually frying the ingredients and adding more fresh beans sprouts.

According to the Men, this is wat the Char Kuey Teow guy does too. This technique is to release the smokiness and intensify the breathe of fire. JS and Kowfuu does a lot of analysis and discussion when it comes to cooking....from techniques to suppliers, to ingredients and methodology. It could be one single step that makes a whole world of difference.

But I was too bz slurping down my frog legs hor.....the smoky flavours and the fresh sweetness of its muscles. Definitely better than fish and chicken hahahhahaa, that's wat I usually tell the kids when they refused any frog legs. By far the most orgasmic frog legs I had were there ginger fried frog legs at Jade Palace Singapore and the home cooked ones by Chef Takashi Kimura. 

Have a look at the Jade Palace's orgasmic fried frog legs *here*

JS cooked a huge pan of prawns pasta with oil rendered from the prawns heads and shells. I guess the men were trying to save some plates and dishes by serving it directly from the pan. While the poor maid was still busy scrubbing and washing ever since they started cooking.

I didn't snap pics of most dishes, must be overly happy bcoz we were drinking since 12pm. Weeeee areeee the champions my friends.......and weeeeeee'll keep on drinking till the endddddd. Okie correction...Monkey always promote drinking always consume alcohols in moderations and do not handle machineries nor drink and drive!!!

So I resorted to drinking daikon soups and ended having 3 bowls. So yumssss, slow boiled with amazing ingredients inside. Okie u won't wanna know, it's basically all the good stuffs. :)))))))
The Men kept on churning food outta the kitchen while the really blessed and honored guests were bz chomping and nom-ing down every single plates/bowls and glasses of champagnes and wines.

Take a closer look on this claypot crab rice...the roe were still creamie, there's triple fermented soya sauce being used, some grand cru fish sauce from Vietname, fried garlic, freshly chopped spring onions. anchovies from Spain, caramelised shallots...definitely full of umami. Now who's hungry? and the grains were fluffy and fat from Spain too.

With all the superior ingredients made to pair and complement each other, this pot of rice was really a bomb in terms of flavours. Kowfuu not too happy about the texture, he said he's gonna try again.
while doing lunch, Boo_licious  mentioned that these tarts down the road were to die for....and bcoz we were so full to the brim from lunch, we decided to pack some of the tarts back. Sadly at around 4pm after our lunch *ahem yea it was a long 4 hours lunch* there were only a few options left.

So we packed back strawberries, lemon curd, berries, caramelised nuts and some eclairs back. Really really yummy especially the pastries.

The single odd one out was the chocolate cake - packed back from lunch at Les Amis. In order to get privilege to settle the bill, I told the Maitre'D that it's my bday and I'm buying lunch for my dearie friends.....somehow my credit card got rejected by the restaurant, bcoz the rule there is the person making the reservation gets to pay.

While J&J James told me that So Sorry, Singapore will never ever accept ur credit card. It doesn't work here. Haha very farnie. We never ever get to pay for our friends here......thank you so much for ur hospitality guys!!!

And bcoz i told a lil lie....or rather quite a big one...the restaurant wheel out my mini "birthday" cake with a song. *wham head onto table* all decorated with berries and gold leaf. So kids, never ever tell lies, there's consequences~~~~~ BOO!!!!

Mini Infinity dark chocolate ice creams!!!! so so good~~~~~
and after a few days of extreme indulgence......we flew back to Malaysia with really really contented tummies and happiness thanks to the amazing company of our dearie friends.

and bcoz Monkey was raving on and on and on about the Claypot Crab Rice.....JS cooked his version for me. Combination of Kowfuu's technique and the special avocado curry sauce from Chef Takashi Kimura.

What surprised me was the curry sauce tasted exactly the same!!!
"He gave u the recipe?"
JS: "Nope, I de-constructed it based on taste and memory."

Ok confirmed la, Chef Takashi will never ever share with u what's inside in the future. U copy cat!!!! kekekeke but it was an extreme good copy with amazing efforts to construct something out of ur taste memory.

Kowfuu was also amazed that JS combined the best of both world to make one single dish. Hahahaha...u damn can la Mr. JS. If u guys are wondering and would love to have recipes, these guys alwiz cooked without one. Depending on request, sometimes they have to re-draft something for my readers out of their memories. I can't cook without recipes. Even with recipes it doesn't taste the same, bcoz according to JS, recipe is just the's all about technicality, timing and ingredients. Okie lor....u win liao lor...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My new toy at home :)))

Just less than 10 days ago, this xpole was finally our balcony. All thanks to mighty Mr. JS who did the installation on his own. Xpole is easy to install and could fit in as long as you measure the height of your ceiling correctly.

Once the pole was up, Monkey needed to test it but Mr. JS already scaled the pole ala coconut tree style right to the top, all 12 feet in height smoothly and glided down to confirm that it's ready and fit for my pole play.

Monkey was speechless O.O
"U could climb the pole better than me!!!!! HOW???"
JS: "U never climb a coconut tree before when u were young?"
No. I.Did.Not....despite me being a monkey....I climb onto ppl's neck and get into their nerves.

woohooo~~~~ I m really loving my Xpole.

U must be wondering why balcony? Wahahahahahaha. It's just that the ceiling of the entire house has been decorated with plaster ceiling so it's impossible to install the xpole. Monkey has been scouting and checking the entire unit including the kitchen and bathrooms....all were fixed with plaster ceiling and Mr. JS's downlights so nothing can be install on the ceiling. sighhhhh.....

So balcony that is. We do have a good size balcony with 23 feet in wide and 11 feet in depth...not to mention the high ceiling. So high that Monkey got to buy extension pole to add onto the xpole. When I ordered it, the instructor was like...u sure ur ceiling is at that height?

 It's been really fun :)))) I love the view of our balcony too hehehehehe

What started out as a joke all thanks to our Phuket trip *read about it here* now became reality...we were actually learning pole fitness...We gave ourselves a month. A month became our goal to try and have some fun....soon one month became 4 months and soon we actually graduated from our Beginner's Level with an on stage performance. It ain't easy to have the guts to perform....I don't like to be on stage and height!!!

click here to read bout our graduation performance *here*

In fact I was the slowest in my class.....classmates were already complaining that I got to move faster so they could learn new tricks right now at intermediate level. They are a bunch of amazing classmates whom gave each other so much of motivation despite the pain and sometimes frustration.

I have yet to conquer my fear for heights and being inverted. It's really a very scary feeling when u are upside down, hung with just some skin. It's really really ouch, trust me. That burning sensation and bruises after that.

The feet are not perfect still....this pose is called the gemini which I've been trying for at least 1.5 months now!! That's too long!!! Plus Monkey skipped half of April plus the entire month of May lessons. I guess the more classes and practices that u skip the worse it gets. My instructor has already raised the alarm to warn me.
Getting up there effortlessly actually requires a lot of efforts....and core body muscle and strength. Plus u gotta wear a smile on ur face and be graceful. U could see I was struggling here.
sometimes there's failed attempts to even lift myself to do the V-inverts. Damn it!!! My classmates did it so nicely, I better practice this to catch up!!!!

so again and again, till I was wearing myself out.
Okie now I've managed to invert nicely to tuck and hang nicely without slipping down or fall...but the legs were not straight. So many elements to think about. One of the legs had to be on 90 degrees!!! 

It's frustrating I know. I really do admire ppl who could just do it so easily and gracefully without grimaces on their faces. Or just by getting it right the first time!!! WHY????

and finally my left leg is at 90 degrees!!! Straight and JS can measure it with a long ruler, else he would just smack me. Now I just gotta remember how it feels like to do this while inverted without looking at my feet!! That's why they said, practice makes perfect.

Once u have master the basics of being inverted and have ur feet at the right place and right angle without having to scramble and think which is my left/right, which feet should go up, which limb to use now....u can do watever u want :)))

But....this final pose isn't the Gemini. Monkey being monkey alwiz create new things LOL. It's more of an extension from Gemini. Now that I've mastered gemini it's time to do the Scorpio this weekend. That would be even more painful and u will just feel ur skin being seared and the burns after that....with lots of bruises. Miss Monkey, be prepared to wear only pants next week at work, for ur calves and knees and thighs ain't pretty no more.

To me, it's all worth it :))) I will wear these bruises with pride for I have achieved what I have set out to do :))

If you are interested to find out more about Fit Pole, Fly Yoga, and aerial Dance or even burlesque, check out the school website below:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nespresso Innisia Limited Edition

Aren't they adorable??? Tiny in size but ferocious in performance, just like mean machines :)))  When we stumbled upon it while walking past....both JS and Monkey couldn't resist but stopped to have a second glance.

JS: "Hey look Monkey, ur favourite color!!"
Monkey: "Yeah I know but this is too compact for home use."

JS: "No, for ur office and for mine too!!!"
Monkey -_-"
These 2 in blue and fuchsia are limited edition colors, currently available only in Singapore and Hong Kong....and sales assistant informed that there's only 30 units left. And with that we were sold...both units in both colors......suckers for limited editions -_-"

Looking at all the other Nespresso merchandises, we actually have the beautiful cups and spoons/stirrer already...I can't remember which items from Nespresso boutique that we don't have.

Enuff already. The house is quite crowded now with all of our junks.
It's only been our 5th year in this home, with 3,000 sq ft of space it's seriously super crowded. Shows were lying on the floors everywhere coz the shoes cabinet can't accommodate 200 odd pairs of shoes. My handbags are all over the main room in their dustbags and I've forgotten what I have bcoz one cupboard alone won't be able to accommodate. Our walk-in wardrobe has been fully occupied since 4 years ago, hence the other 2 guests rooms' wardrobe are also full of our stuffs. My majestic 11 foot tall book case is fully loaded it's gonna fall on me anytime with the number of reading materials that we have.

But nothing can over be compared to Mr. JS's collection of lens, photography equipments, his drone camera, all the different types of tripods, and the many many cameras that I really have no idea how many he has got, wirings cables, batteries, peripherals, camera bags, oh well the list goes one. And oh recently he got into videography and it's an entirely different range of products.

and in the kitchen...oh gawd...I dunno how many Le Creuset or knives one need. His wine cellar is impenetrable as in u can't walk into it anymore. The new wine glasses has got no place in the glassware cabinet anymore, they are all lying inside their respective boxes.

and finally I just found out he has got a new Macbook air....not to mention there's already another macbook air at home, with my old macbook pro and another iMac.
Monkey: "Is this new?"
JS: "Oh yes...I think u should get the gold Macbook's so you!!!"

Monkey -_-" thanks but I think we need to get a new house first to store all of our purchases.
and bcoz the house is so so crowded now....this new limited edition Nespresso Inissia is sitting on my my office...yes :))))) despite the office have a huge coffee machine with its own grinder and amazing fresh coffee beans....I had to have this on my desk.

I dunno wat Mr. JS plans to do with his blue lil inissia coz it's still sitting inside the box at our home.

JS: "Hey our new home gonna be ready....we should start shopping/looking!!! Maybe the blue inissia can go to new home!!"
Monkey....deep breath....ohmmmmm ohmmmmm ohmmmmmm and yes I am also looking forward to shop for the new place but where to store all the new purchases while waiting?

For more information on Nespresso:

Monday, June 15, 2015

L'atelier de Joel Robuchon Hong Kong *3 Michelin Stars*

Located at Landmark a high fashion and jewelry landmark *oh the name says it all right?* the building is one of the most recognised one and our favourite too....hehehehe explanation needed and the next favourite building down the corner is Pacific Place. Buildings like these offer better shopping experience with lesser crowds but most of all, the brands that we want ranging from Moynat to Goyard and cult brands are all here :))))
Monkey in her flats for ease of walking round the island and her Chanel Boy in galuchat skin :))) *read bout how we fell in love with her here*

It's the same tableware and setup at every L'atelier de Joel Robuchon u go to....not that we have been to that many, only in Paris and Taipei. Perhaps it's time to try the one in Tokyo.

The butter and bread were so orgasmically yummy...but we had to refrain ourselves from eating way too many pieces. The french baguette were crispy and malty, those with bacons bits were so so good and brioche was so rich and buttery,

amuse bouche 
It was the month of Le French May and L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon participated in the programme with a special menu. But we were more interested in the signature and iconic dishes

and JS found this baby among its wine list :))) excellent choice!!!

Le Jambon....iberico de Bellota Gran Reserva from Spain
we wanted to try as many favourite dishes as possible hence all were cut into tapas portion to be shared between JS and Monkey.

The sweet and tart tomatoes with basil, dash of extra virgin olive oil and some pepper....then presented on crispy sour dough that has been rubbed with garlic....that's the way the Spaniards enjoy their bruschetta.

Really iconic and signature of L'atelier de Joel Robuchon - carpaccio of langoustine and sea urchin. Sometimes it can be fish, or scallop and in this case it was rich creamie langoustine :)))) Yep all raw and the sweetness and richness was very well cut through with the secret recipe dressing.

Toasted waffle was served with the carpaccio.
wat a bomb!!! served with some exotic rock salt.

lobster salad with buffalo mozzarella. Good texture and flavours :)) 

JS said we ordered too much of food but I insisted that we must have this too. Thankfully we ordered this bcoz it's so good!!! reminded us of Paris. Parts of pork were wrapped in the diaphragm of the pig before being fried in pork lards. I know this is so super sinful but so yumsss.....served with new potatoes on the side. This is a must eat dish!!!

Our maitre'D was serving us the entire evening steadily and really friendly with good wine knowledge. Monkey was already clapping when she saw what's coming!!!! Le Burger!!!!

aahhhhh with a piece of rich foie gras

the piece of rockets were already cooked from the heat. Look at the bottom layer...there's pieces of really fine homemade pickles for the could they make this so meticulously??? But it was sooooo yummmmsss.

the fries were so crispy with good flavours and aroma of potatoes, served with a very asian infused sweet sauce to replace ketchup.

our main course of Japanese beef and we specifically requested for grade A5
the crust on the outside were so amazing, and the beef were still pink on the inside.

really really finely chopped ingredients there, and pieces of capers too!!!

mashed potatoes were so creamie and velvety.....despite us being way too full, we managed to finish it too.

a bottle just nice for the two of us.

No desserts for us, so only petit four.
haaaaaa....what a happy meal. :))))

Conclusion: this branch is as good as the outlet in St Germain Paris....and we concluded that certain dishes may be lacking in dimension when compared to the main restaurant but this was due to the ingredients. However the beef was outstanding and definitely way way much more superior in terms of execution and flavours when compared to Paris.

Whatever it is, the one in Taipeh scored lowest in our own personal opinion.
Service was really outstanding here too :)))

Happy Monkey wanted to go onto the ferris wheel despite of her fear for heights, but Mr. JS said it's late and time to go to bed.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon *3 Michelin Stars*
Shop 315, 334 & 401,
Landmark Atrium,
Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2166 9000
Opens everyday
Lunch: 12pm - 2.30pm (last order)
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm (last order)