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Our Graduation Partay @ Viva Stage

 *pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

the above was the aerial silk dance, now gaining popularity in Malaysia. Its technicality requires one to have a strong core body to hoist urself around the semi-elastic silk fabric a few metres high. But when I saw pics of my instructor performing for Partay of the Century a few months ago, it was really scary....at least 5 floors high???

  *pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

see how each move is so elegant, smooth and beautiful - despite the pain, u can't pull a grimace on ur face but to go on and perform. I guess this is wat u call skills and showmanship.

So monkey, enuff of climbing trees, wanna challenge urself to Aerial Silk??

about a month ago, it was me and my classmates very first performance....in public. Okie technically it's not public public per say. It was a graduation performance, admired and watched by other students of Viva Vertical Malaysia.

But the thought of having to perform in kinda public really scare the shit out of us. I guess I was the worse in terms of mental strength and positivity. My classmates took up the challenge with glee and coaxed Monkey to perform together. And so I accepted this and played along with so much of nervousness in me I swear it could move and shake any mountains!!! Wahahahahahaha.
 *pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

and so me and my classmates did the graduation performance, to mark our passing of a phase. The phase of complaining about doin our spins, our warmups, our hectic schedule, and all the so-called difficulties in beginners' level 1.

Looking back, those were just baby steps and child's play now that we've moved onto intermediate. No longer we complained about conflicting schedules but we make time for it. Bruises on our bodies were marks of victory, pain and more pain and even more pain were tolerated with smiles after we've managed some new tricks.
the 6 of us came quite a long way....embarked in a journey of discovery every week. Discovering each other's strength and weakness, being pillars of support at every classes. Took on a buddy system to be a "spotter" and "Crash mats" bahahahahaha. Yeah it's still kinda quite a dangerous fitness routine I say.

The above was pic of our pose at the end of our routine. It wasn't a difficult routine but to get everyone in sync was actually the difficult part. Each and every of us has some form of strength and our instructor capitalize on that in order for us to showcase it. *and hide our weakness* bahahahaha.

I guess that's life too. Build on your strength and work on ur weakness.
  *pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

Monkey and her partner Ann....she gave such a beautiful smile while I was trying to smile despite the pain on my inner thighs. Yeah try that at home and hold ur own weight up there.

Oh nvm...this was just the beginner's level. Have some faith in us and we will be better as we move up and up and up the pole. Hahahaha. Height is seriously a problem for me, for fear of heights is something that I need to conquer. It's all in the mind.
  *pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

Who said Pole Fitness is just for gals?? We have a few performances by guys too. And mind you, it's a solo performance OK??? and he's also moving from beginner to intermediate. 

beginner/intermediate can already do that then we seriously gotta work harder gals!!!!
in fact guys have got stronger arms and core body so certain moves proved to be easier for them. Having said that, there were also some not so easy ones for the guys.

   *pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

She's so graceful and beautiful isn't she? Her performance was strong and passionate at the same time. Powerful and soft along the line. It's all about control, technicality and love for Fit Pole. U gotta love it to enjoy it!! it's really painful~~~~

*pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

another strong performer. We were taught this trick last week and oh my....did we crash land?? I don't really know...my fear for heights was so strong I couldn't overcome it yet....just yet...haiizzzz....whehn will I be like these amazing students????

*pic courtesy of Tracy - one of the Pole Fitness student*

after numerous showcasing and performances in Pole Fitness, Hoops, Aerial Silk and different genre of dances...it was the closing performance by Nicholas. He's so so so so so good having won so many accolades and competitions in the region.

Monkey had the opportunity to be taught under him for just one class. It was really an honor. Those were the exact words from me to him before the class started. After the class ended, I text-ed my instructor and said, I don't want Nicholas anymore.

It's not that Nicholas is no good. He's AMAZING!!!
just that Monkey felt that she's such a terrible student, she doesn't deserve Nicholas. He has got such discipline and stalin style methods, I am scared of him. If you are into the competition type and trophies collector, please go to Nicholas. He will ensure that you achieve your objective. Nicholas has flown to HK to be based there, yea he's that good hence he has gone international already. Good luck there and look forward to more amazing performance from u at international level. Do Viva Vertical proud!!!
What's a graduation about if there's no cert/awards presentation???
Monkey was so ecstatic when she received her "paper" from Instructor Angel that she threw a ribs crushing hug to her!!!! Angel received the near-death not so warming hugs with giggles.

The most angelic instructor ever!!! Always supporting me and be my crash mats!!! She may be petite but has a huge heart and strong arms!!! hahahaha but most of all thank you for your patience with my nuisance of almost-to-tears-i-dont-wanna-do-this. Yeahh why do u even pay for something that u don't want? If u are investing time and money innit, u better put ur 300% into it.
Me and classmates with Instructor Angel
beaming with pride holding our certificates :)))))
with classmates Ann and Beautiful CS

ppl usually ask why do we have to wear so little. In fact you need all the skin u have on your body. The friction between your skin and the pole is needed to "stick" urself there. Else u gonna fall.

Pole Fitness or Fit Pole is a very popular form of exercise these days. It's fun trust me, u'll have an amazing time with your friends and really tones ur body up!!! I've seen how my body changed over the months and I don't really care about diet. I lurve my food and calories too much!!!
Brian C and Sally Betty were here too!!! It was really nerve wrecking when u have friends among the audience....bahahahaha. But then I was really tired, must be from the endless clickin from the shutters, definitely not from Fit Pole.
All the really happy students who graduated on that day, in their own discipline and strength. Yes u don't have to have certain form and conformity to start this. Just go and try and have some fun :)))

I know it may just be a piece of paper but I'm still so proud of it.

when I got home....
does it worth it?
Totally...every single millimetre of bruises on my body is worth it!!!

and a few weeks ago, a journalist from Malaysian Digest wanted to interview me on Fit Pole and so i directed him to my instructors...do take some time to read his experience. I am so proud that he tried it on first hand to have further understanding. Great Job there!!!

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