Friday, March 06, 2015

New career :))

Sorry for being so silent the last week, Monkey had been tied down switching career. From handing over my previous career which I love love love and still love so much to another one which I've had so much passion in.

I remembered saying it a few times throughout my young life that I wanted be a PR person for this industry, products which I've grown to enjoy so much especially in recent years. To the extend that I've even documented it on my blog, saying them out loud :)))

Read bout it *here* and *here*

So on the 3rd day of my new job, it was already on the go execution, being in this fast paced industry, there's isn't time for orientation. Speaking of that, I have yet to meet the entire team of colleagues in my floor. The very first project was to whisked media friends to a mysterious location early in the morning for the first tasting. 5 black alphards branded with the word Dom Perignon sped through north, made a pit stop and less than 2 hours later, we were all standing in awe in front of the magnificent mineral landscape of Banjaran Hotsprings to do a tasting in the late morning. This location best describe the champagne :))) minerality and precision.

In the evening, Monkey sped back to KL to gather with clients for another tasting. Chef from the maison was also flown in to craft delicate cuisine to pair with the stunning champagnes.
and we had a tasting of the Dom Perignon 2004, the DP P2 1998, DP Rose 2003 and finally the surprise surprise DP P3 1970

But I must say the P2 was a rather delicate surprise with its honeysuckle length, deep dimension, radiant and intense.
If you would like to get hold of this baby, u'll know where to get me :)))))

but the happiest moment would be to watch all these beautiful people having so much fun, discovering the P2 at its peak. Rated 98 pointers by wine spectator, it's the champagne that you will not forget :)))

Now now it's Friday and I am left with one more event to go tonite. So wishing all my dear readers a lovely weekend ahead, no matter where u are heading or doing :) just chillax la :)))

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