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Kincha-ryo, Kanazawa

Kincha-ryo is a very well known establishment in Kanazawa. It was the retreat of a very famous Baron during the Kaga clan period. Today this few hundred years old property has been bought over and turned into a famous restaurant and ryokan.

Because the main restaurant was fully booked, our hotel concierge managed to book us into its branch at another famous hotel -Kanazawa Excel Tokyu Hotel. Though there's no river view, we still have a view of the zen japanese garden from our table.

homemade delicate tofu with a dab of freshly grated horse radish on top. Paired with a sweet soju. Soju is usually made from starch such as potatoes. Underneath the square piece of tofu were delicate local soy sauce.

We came to Kincha-ryo just to have a taste of Kaga cuisine - which was made famous and passed down to generation by the very same Baron Yokoyama. Though we couldn't dine at the main restaurant, this experience didn't lack any of its flavors at all.

The tofu was extremely fine with mousse of bean paste, the delicate soy paired so well with the tinge of sweet wasabi. Finally washed it down with a glass of iced soju. This tiny appetizer was already so refined, enough to start our stomachs rumbling for more.

Next appetizer was the usual seasonal produce being plate for us. From raw marine produce to seasonal local vegetables. Kaga cuisine focus on local produce and we tasted a lot of items we have never seen nor eaten in our lives. What a special treat and revelation :)))) indeed, everyday is a learning curve here, including getting lost in the city of Kanazawa. Not that we did, but we love to be lost, in sights and sounds of all these novelties.

Kanazawa is also the city that produces all the gold leaves for the entire of 98% so most of its tableware and dishes would have contained elements of it. It's so in abundance that finding them on ur food isn't a shocking affair. I wondered how many ounces of gold leaves we have consumed over this trip.

When the lid was unveiled....ta-DA!!!! gold leaves!!! hahahaha just as I thought.

This was a soup, not mineral water ok???
I cannot imagine how one can prepare soup this clear!!! not amount of straining can give u dashi stock this clear!!!! We were so impressed with its flavor of smokiness and power packed with intensity of konbu and bonito flakes. Licked every drop of it.

Next was slices of fresh sashimis of the day and we have BURI fish *hidden on the right by yellow flowers*!!! which was in season. It's like the best season to come to Kanazawa for Buri and Nodoguro. There were some local vegetables being served here including the pinkish daikon with green lining. It has a really spicy and full aroma of daikon. so intense and yummy. When u have such fatty full flavored fish, u really need something stronger.

Best fish in the world seriously....Nodoguro - black throat sea perch.
We never had such amazing, fat and sweet fish with delicate meat. Its skin was cut in a way that it crisp up when grilled. I like it for its size too, not big, and always palm size only. Superb~~~ we can have this everyday.

Everytime when our waitress in kimono unveil the lid, the smell and aroma filled the room. This was a mountain yam cooked in fine starch.

As u dig into the finely grated yam, there's a piece of surprise awaits. Snow crab!!!!

Then we tasted the sweetness of sea eels in it too!! wow this is like opening layers after layers of pressie. Each further intensive this dish which looked boring at the beginning, but not at all. So looks can be really deceiving and we alwiz feast first with our eyes. But according to JS, it's his cameras first.

The main course was the real deal of Kaga cuisine.

Slices of really yummy duck coated with wheat flour, cooked in thick stew. I'm not really a duck person but this was so hearty and delicious. The meat was tender and its fat was so addictive!!! Such unique dish in Kanazawa is called Jibuni.

And since JS doesn't consume duck, his portion came with sweet prawns. All cooked in the same way inside the dashi stock. So hearty and we finished every morsel every drop. YUMZZZZZZ

Tempura may be a simple dish, but not so. Executing a good tempura requires a lot of technicality, science and experiences. :))) it's all about the reactions of ingredients at different temperature over a period of time. :)))

This one was perfect!!!!

I don't even know if this is considered main course or not. Thought we already had our main - the jibuni duck dish. But no complains thought coz this was the yummy succulent sweet crabs. All cut and prepared in such easy way to consume. Plus a dollop of its roe served on the side with pickles.

came with a bowl of steamed white japanese rice and homemade pickles. When rice and soup are served u know ur meal is coming to an end.

JS the discerning one, taught Monkey how to enjoy my rice to its fullest.....with the crab roes. OMG why didn't I thought of that?? It was so good. I can't believe it that this small amount of roe could make me drunk. Drunk in cholesterol I suppose :)))))

A milk ice cream and fresh fruits. All in small bites. AaaaaAAAAaaaaa so so so contented. :))))))
Such a good meal. :)))))

Before we step out to the snowy nite, one pic with the waitress who was more mabuk looking than me. Hahahahaha. She was so nice and motherly, doing her best to explain all the food to us but to her amazement, JS already knew all the names in Japanese but "mode of consumption" hahahaha. The Mr.-know-it-all. Hahahaa She even asked if he's a chef :P

Kincha-ryo Main branch
1-8-5, Teramachi,
Kanazawa 921-8033
Tel: +81 76 243 2121

Kincha-ryo Korinbo Branch *we went to this one*
Kanazawa Excel Tokyu Hotel,
2-1-1 Korinbo, 
Kanazawa 920-0961,
Tel: +81 76 263 5511

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