Monday, December 16, 2013

Beach Whales picnic @ Rawai Beach

I lurve picnics....every country I go to, I'll try to hold a picnic.
*read bout our picnic by the river in Bordeaux, France*
*or our romantic picnic in Bali*

and in Phuket with such beautiful settings. The sun, the sea, the breeze the coconuts...and ALL THE FOOD!!!! how could one not have picnics?????
really really cold sweet fragrant coconut drink. From where we sat, it's so close to the beach, we could just jump into the sea anytime we want. Hahahahaha.

Rawai Beach is situated on the southern tip of Phuket island, so the journey was about 30 minutes from where we were...Secluded and tucked away from the touristy spots, this one is really a gem. U hardly see any tourists, unless those white tourists who are hanging out here with their Thai galfriends.

I must say it's quite a beautiful setting here, minus our laughters, chitters chatters voice box...we roared louder than those long tail boats chucking away to nearby island.
Simple yummy crispy omelette and grilled mackerel fish with a spicy dip
Soon, food was pouring in, plates after plates. Didn't know we ordered so many dishes coz everything oso they wanna eat

"I want cockles"
"I want Lala"
"Can I have sotong please?"

the menu here is simple, thankfully they have english but no pictures so u just gotta trust your choice. Anyway I must say everything on the menu is awesome so just feel free to order and taste.
Simple stir fried crunchy morning glory with garlic and bean sauce, the steamed rice was fluffy and generous.
crispy fried cat fish with mango salad and lots of roasted cashew nuts. Phuket produce lots of cashews. There's so many factories nearby.
my favourite was this plump juicy fat clams, stir fried in basil and chilis. I've requested for less spicy for my dearie friends. Otherwise I'll go all out with lotsa "nam prik"....
steamed mussels with basil and onions. The chili dip looked so innocent eh?
Sexay Back Maggie was counting cholesterol looking at the orangie colored mussels.
She was still counting cholesterol and thinking about it.
Oiiii dun block the view!!!! move away~~~~

Deep fried squid was loaded with even more cholesterol.
BAHAHAHAHAHA oh well when u are in holiday please dun stress urself. Everything in moderation should be fine.
Sexay Back Maggie, Sally Betty and Beautiful CS
see she's enjoying her crab!!! wat cholesterol??? Our 2x tables were laden with plates and plates of food. Our dearie driver who sat nearby taking care of our "safety" looked at us in aghast!!!! 4 Tiny Gals can eat so much???????? Where did they come from???? Or they just got outta jail? Or trust me, we ate like we just got outta jail.

Steamed cockles with basil leaves and spicy dip.
The cockles here were not bloody and very fresh I must say. Took everyone by surprised. This was one specially ordered for Sally Betty.

Green Papaya Salad with RAW blue swimmer crabs.

Initially none of them dare to touch this bcoz the crab was raw...soon everyone dig in except Beautiful CS. Then the crabs were gone leaving the lone ranger green papayas on the plate. The meat was so fresh and juicy and super sweet.

Beautiful CS said she chickened out from the raw crab. From this trip, I've learnt this woman isn't as strong as she seemed...nyek nyek nyek now I know all ur weak points babe!!! She's as innocent as a lamb :))))))))))
When things get too spicy, just nom nom chomp chomp on the raw long beans, cabbage, cucumber and leaves. It's quite sweet and isn't as green as it looked.?
the stall's owner has got a cute stumpy dog who came to us..
Sally Betty: "Hello doggie, how are u? Are u hungry?"
Sexay Back: "Eh let's feed it."

and this dog has got such discerning taste, it rejected a lot of food...until....
until they fed the dog with grilled mackerel. Hey u are a dog not a cat!! how come u like fish so much??? No wonder ur fur is so clean and beautiful. Fish is loaded with omegal oil...hahahahaha

Since we just got outta jail, we needed more food. Beautiful CS ran to the road side and bought some banana pancakes. We complained at first but in the end, whacked and polished everything off.

Our Driver stared at us with his mouth drawing an O-lip
so Beautiful CS bought him a pancake too hahahahaha.
and so post-lunch = ciggie time...
relaxing and having more coconut drinks. If only there's some nice pillows we would have retired on the sitting mat. Hahahaha.

Soon our driver took a nice coastal road drive and sent these 4 outta jail beach-whales for massage. I don't know how we did this everyday, but it wasn't that difficult. hahahaha. Eat massage partay sleep, eat massage partay sleep......bliss~~~~


Anonymous said...

Love those food!! The environment and also companion!
I agreed on ur saying "when u are in holiday please dun stress urself. Everything in moderation should be fine." Whenever I go for holiday...I dun bother wan lo... just eat watever that I come across which tempts me to try. Provided my stomach still got space oso la... :-p

CHER-RY said...

Hello Melissa!!!

yea U are definitely and enjoy. Taste and experience new things. That's wat travels are about :)) New experiences.