Friday, December 06, 2013

Away to paint the Island Pink and Red

*file pic*Monkey is seek some sunshine.
It's been raining non-stop in KL!!!! horrendous~~~
apart from sunshine, it has to be FOOD right? hehehehehehe.

I'll be heading there on my own...
minus the hobbits....traitors!!!!!
*JS sent me this pic a few nites ago fr Tokyo*

Traitors Hobbits are now eppy charting territories in Japan.
Yes Japan again!!!!!
with JS of coz
-_-"Mr. JS why don't u just migrate over there?

JS had been sending me postcards pics by the minute *GAH!!!*
yes I know u are having a great time but please don't torture me like this?
*sob sob sob*

Those outstanding pics was taken by him with a Leica Lens of looked like he stole it from the internet...bahahahahaha. Mount Fuji does look different in winter huh?

Oh well he's gonna chase more beautiful pics either with snow or red autumn leaves...while Notti Monkey? hehehehehe I'm gonna paint Phuket Red and Pink with my even nottier galfriends...

so wait for it. Will post bout Phuket upon my return...
but I think there's still pending posting from Kota Kinabalu, Taipei and Japan.
Enjoy your weekends there folks :))))))

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