Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beach Whales and Mermaids

every morning at 8.00am we woke up hungry, after endless hours of partying. I dunno how we did it. So it's either greasy crispy crunchy thin bacons, caramelised fried onions, and yummy golden omega sunny side up eggs.

or it's fresh fruits with loads of Thai mango and a glass of freshly squeezed Thai green oranges. We need lots of fruits to wake the system up...and to detox...hahaha denial..
How do u even detox with crispy bacons and fruits at the same time?

or even better...some crispy warm waffles with maple syrups and fruits. This one was taken off the kiddie food buffet line...the resort was so thoughtful and created a much lower buffet counter, with Doraemon and Hello Kitty cutlery and plates. With child friendly bite sized food.

But adults like us had to hogged the line and stole food from children :P

To cure hangover, nothing beats a bowl of hot yummy sweet pork porridge.
aaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm a chinese gal wat do u expect?
Porridge rawks!!!!

but my favourite still has got to be sweet juicy Thai mangos :)))
love it even more the honey combs hahahaha I know these 2 do not match but I like to eat like a weird bonker all the time.

Then the whales and mermaids were off to the beach....for more food and drinks. yeah Singha beer at 10am, or icy cold coconut drinks.

before we doze off for a nap...time to put on sunscreen
We were like pig-whales hybrid...

but Sexay Back Maggie insisted that she's not a whale but a mermaid
a beautiful mermaid :))))))))

my beach-whales :))))

and finally a group picca :)))
the cycle continued for, hang out at beach, nap, eat, drink, massage, shopping, eat, drink, club, partay, drink, then walked home tipsy bare-footed.

next we must go to full moon partay yea :)))
who's on?

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