Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Presenting the ugliest Christmas Tree ever :P
we finally got a 7-foot tree after moving into this home for 3 years. I guess bcoz this is the first time we somewat are in town for christmas :P

Last year we were in Thailand, the year before we were in France? or was it Spain I can't remember. So u see there isn't really much of a reason to have a tree when u are not at home. But we've accumulated so many christmas ornaments throughout the years around the world.

Anyhow blame it on my lack of decorating skills. We thought that putting up a Xmas tree could be as simple as errrr dressing ourselves up? bahahahaha. Just plonk everything on the tree and it should be fine...oh how wrong we were :P

Finally after much coordination, it looked much better now...except for the wiring of the lights...sigh...we'll need more ornaments next year and yes more gifts under the tree!!!!!

I lurve my glass balls decorated with gold design, from Zara Home. Thing is, it's pretty heavy bcoz it's glass...can u imagine these are the things/junks that I hand-carried back from Europe? They are not expensive..only Euro 9.90 for 3 glass balls.

I have not one turquoise box but 2 Tiffany boxes hanging on the tree!!!!
"Wat??? there's 2??? for me??!??!?!?!!"
JS: "Yeah u can open both. One is a free gift from Tiffany."

"What did u buy that u've got a free gift also wrapped in similar box???? How much did u spend?!?!?!??!?!?!!"
the free gift was a beautiful crystal xmas ornaments. Tiffany won't be that generous to give another pair of diamonds earrings with purchases right? bahahahaha.
unveiling my xmas pressie :)))))))))))
a really rare yellow diamond with deep intensity from Tiffany.

JS apologised bcoz he only could afford a 1-carat yellow diamond
u don't have to apologize, even if u buy me a cake I would be so happy chomping them down. Nom Nom Nom~~~~

he said the 1.5 carat yellow diamond is fetching a 6 figure price tag. Oh don't bother, if it's 6 figures, please get me a car like last year :))))))))))

I really love this gift but it's too expensive. >.< for something so small
let's buy holidays/vacations/trips for each other next time :)))))))))) but JS said diamonds are forever and a gal's best friend. My guy friends said JS spoilt market :P

Read bout my ravings about the rare yellow diamonds *here*

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