Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nee Lee's Belated Birthday celebration

Yummy mini cupcakes from WonderMilk

It was really a belated celebration as Monkey was away and no birthday is complete without all of us right? We needed a forum to do this...hahahahahahahaha.

As we aged/grow, time spent together is just so precious and rare. No longer as care-free as we used to back in University. When the only thing we complained about was too much of assignments to be done, the lecturer isn't good looking enuff to entice us to attend lectures or that international Professor is just so so dead boring.....

I've lost count on the number of Professors who gave up on me...instead I gave myself up and dropped out of the class. It was Stochastic Process...chosen by ME...who registered for the class willingly as an extra subjects to fill my time. Instead of filling my time, it filled too much of my brains...i hated it...but because most of the stock market and exchange rates fluctuations are all modeled based on Stochastic Process, I just "felt" like taking it......choi!!! should have taken Tennis or French lesson to "fill" my time. Yea I was that kiasu then...didn't wanna learn anything "recreational" instead everything was so statistic, numbers crunching, formulas-driven, finite infinite dimensional distribution bla bla bla *yawn*

If today I knew that my passion is in PR and Marketing, I should have enrolled and majored innit and have more time chasing boys instead of chasing numbers. Hahahahaha.

Heart-warming, stomach filling and tasty Fish Broth with a lot of fish paste.

This was at Yip Yan Restaurant, famous for its raw fish.
So the platter came like HotPot-style with raw sliced fish, fish paste, fish balls, loads of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, soft white toufu. Later the waiter brought out a claypot of really really hearty fish broth. Looking at its color, u knew it has been prepared many many hours in advance using fish bones and watever parts.

Sweet and Tasty just nice for a rainy day.
We had 3 refills of soups...hahahaha and I had way way way too many bowls. Because we almost had to be wheeled outta the restaurant after this.

Apart from this Fish Hotpot, this restaurant also serves other chinese dishes. We had a Crispy Oat Butter Prawns, minus the shells...this was really thoughtful coz I m too lazy to peel my shells. Maybe that's why I dun really eat crab. Unless they prepared it for us *like this one, read about it here*

Nee Lee making her many many many wishes

All of us were curious wat's on her mind.
To obtain her PHD with flying colors?
seriously I can't even remember wat's her PHD like...some engineering thingy to do with telco? She will sure whack me for forgetting it coz she's been telling us time over time wat she's been doin and preparing for her dissertation.

I don't even have a Masters Degree yet *when most of my friends do* do I even chase after a PHD. That's seriously a Permanent Head Damage.

Whatever wishes u are making Nee Lee, we hope you are blessed with Joy and happiness around you, good health and well-being alwiz :))) and yes to obtain ur PHD in wat-ever-major-it-was with flying colors. I m sure she majored in Engineering!!! kekekekekkee. I have a lot of destiny with many engineers. From Financial Engineers to Mechatronics engineers and my dearie JS who's an engineer himself :)) Now I would love to meet a FOOD Engineer...any readers out there?

One for the album :)))))))

Oh well we still looked the same as we were 15 years ago. YES!!! it's been that long!!! It wasn't that easy to live with some strangers back then but we survived hahahahaha. Well I must admit we do have some quirky habits and schedule, different upbringing and believes, different religions. At the end we were just a bunch of young gals trying to make it out there and excelled in our respective Majors among all the top students. Which we did :)))) I am glad we are still together :))))

Right after dinner, as though the soup and fish weren't enuff...despite being wheeled outta the restaurant. We decided that Durians for dessert is such a fantabulous idea.

Shell Shell knew precisely where to hunt down for some Musang King Durians. She's is still galavanting in Macao and Hong Kong. Have fun and come back safe.

Mee Mee was really eppy to be outta her home without her 2 boys. She's now back to her pre-birth body size. Which is a size 4 or less I think.

Later Roomies went for Durians 2nd round *smacks forehead*
goodness me. I'm not really a fan so....anyhow couldn't stuff anymore food into my huge tummy.

Great outing and looking fwd to our Xmas and New Year celebration :)

Yip Yan Restaurant
No. 1231, Jalan Sekolah
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Tel: 603 8943 5426


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Time spent with roomees is the best! :X

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I agree!!!! :))