Monday, November 09, 2009

Shanghainese Hairy Crab, Marriott KL

We were craving for this!!!
and Shanghainese Hairy Crab *Thanks to Jelina's pic on FB*
okie lar...I admit.....only ME craving for the crabs :P
JS lugged his giant potato to the restaurant
He hated it when I call it Giant Potato aka Tai Farn Shu
it's a disgrace to any Nikonian
JS: "It is a D700!!!! not Giant Potato."

sigh...2nd camera of the year
D700 came into possession after D90
Sorry dun ask me, I'm a camera idiot
the CRABS!!!!!
they are only available for 2 months in a year during Autumn
only from Yang Cheng Lake
Tsu Lin *via FB* said the crabs were terrified and trembling in fears when they saw me
hmm I think u were right...coz they really did look like tat.
a male's bottom
female...or was it vice versa? Anyway u alwiz eat the female ones for its roe
choose which size u want...
RM 160?
RM 180?
RM 210?
since we gonna have one crab each...we took the smallest
appetizer was this creamy eggs
I wished I could have more
Monkey checking the wine...:)
Lurve it!!!
I'm a Morey St Dennis FREAK!!! so can't go wrong
Hairy Crab meat + ROE with West Lake vegetable soup
SUPER YUM!!!!!!!!! actually both of us dun mind another bowl :P
up next was the Xiao Loong Pao done 2 was the normal one..
the orangie one was stuffed with crabmeat and ROE!!!!!
its skins were so thin
our steamed Shanghainese Hairy CRAB!!!!!
*no longer trembling in fears*
look at its hair/fur
Auntie Lim our favourite staff,
she's been with the restaurant for 10 years...
certain parts were inedible...
she told us the intenstine part....ooooOOoooo
there she said......
we went O_O looking at its color
presenting to u........the no longer trembling crabs
wuuuwaaaa wuuuuwaaaaaa
the other side...waaaawaaaaaawaaaaa
Auntie Lim: "Please consume while it's hot."
and continued to dissect the rest of the legs
she carefully removed the shells....
Monkey just need to hold em and bite into its juicy meat..
*ooohh i forgot to snap pic of its sweet dip*
they then served this ginger tea to clear our palate
we almost needed a pot of ginger tea..coz it was so RICH
*finger licking good*
braised noodles with dried shrimps
i only had a bite coz too full!!!!
packed the rest for my security guards
*oh they are very nice in terms of assisting me in clearing my ample food/hampers/cookies/cakes at home*
Shanghainese Mah Lai Kou
I think those were egg yolk :)))))))))))))
must have!!!! black sesame dumplings in ginger syrup!!!!
no other restaurant can do its this good :)))))))))))
Thumbs up to Master Chef Wong Wing Yeuk
it's only available till 30 Nov!!!! so hurry hurry ppl :))))))))
eppy eppy Monkey

Read bout my last year's indulgence with JS + Si Fu Lawrence *here*

Shanghai Restaurant,
Marriott Hotel,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2719 8288


san said...

I prefer the male to the female....the texture is smoother in my opinion =p

Tsu Lin + + said...

Me no likey you! Me no likey why it's only avail till 30 Nov cos we going bk in Dec. NO LIKEY!

js said...

believe you really dunwan to try the rm200+ one .....even the RM160 size already damn rich and heart stopping. i manage to scoop out about 4 heap teaspoons of roe, etc....!!

CHER-RY said...

Aisan: izzit? I went for the roe only..hehehehe. Next time I'll try the male's meat.


JS: haven't u heard? eat more oil/lard to lubricate your heart.

js said...

haha...old folks also say drink chinese tea after a good hearty greasy meal is good cos the tea dissolves the oil/fat. if that is true, then if you take a piece of lard and chuck it into a cup of chinese tea, you should see the lard dissolving....some one want to try this out and let me know if it works??? :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: that sounded like UCP. U try already then lemme know...I'll add a drop of acid to help the lard to dissolve.

actually tea aid digestion lar!!