Friday, November 06, 2009

Asia Magic Gala

Monkey & Baby Wei
she looked like an 8 year old...
now u know why u are BABY Wei
since we've forgotten the art of cam-whoring with digital camera...
we got one of the guest seat in front to snap our pic :P
theme of the nite: Red Carpet Glamour
and we were there for.....

your collection was so awesome it smashed my heart!!!
we heart heart heart Andrea Fonseka the host's pair of sexay stilettos
reminded me of Victoria Beckham
presentation started with Kirana's collection by Sharifah Kirana
everyone gasped at the final piece coz it was worn by no other than
supermodel AI TOMINAGA!!!!!!
Sharifah Kirana in shocking blonde super short hair
so edgy!!!!
and *held our breathe*.....this is it....the launch of Eric's Pret-a-porter 2010
lil ballerinas came out
*oh just realised that's Mahadzir Lokman's head*
OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!
Eric got his inspiration fr Audrey Hepburn whom he adores tremendously
GAH!!! I want!!!!!
each piece has a name attributed to Audrey's character in her movies
the one on the left is Chiquita and Ella *my favourite*
all models fr Beijing, China
dun u think the one wearing Chiquita looks like Sammi Cheng?
GASP!!!! mermaid wedding gown!!!!!
with ivory Italian avant garde lace and silk duchesse satin!!!!!
in fact there were more but I was too speechless and motionless to snap any pic for u ppl
Oh Eric u DID IT AGAIN!!!!
and thank u for having us :)))))))))))))
show proceeded with a Korean designer - Jo Myung Rye
with all her "hangbok" inspired dresses
she was rather shy though!
Next was a China chinese designer - Bo TAO
his designs are very diverse...
some were organic some were futuristic
flirty sexay fun
his final dress made up a chinese character...
*I can't read*

hmmm wat was his theme???
Mr. BO TAO!!!
the last presentation was by an Indonesian designer - IKA
Ai Tominaga wore one of her dresses
she was so elegant and with such poise..
lurve the body structure and her moves..
can't blame the crowd when everyone clap like nobody's biz!!!
*including this Monkey*
*actually IKA = squid in japanese*
Andrea looked so diff here :P
Tonite was one of the best creation by far...
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