Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Curry Noddle, Xin Quan Fang

early morning we rose
*okie lar..not that 9am*
gathered and the lobby and began our makan quest
convoyed in a few cars and moved to Hugh Low Street aka Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah

off topic:
I really do hate it when they changed all the roads to a different name
the cooking station.....
right smack in front...
the whiff of the curry smell was enuff to pull any passer/drivers by
Bagaholic Tracie and her fiery red Bottega with J&J
I suppose PSP + iPhone are the only thing to keep the kids occupied nowadays.
J&J Jelina: "How's the white coffee?"

J&J James is a serious coffee drinker
between 7am to 7.45am...he can consumed up to like wat....7 cups of espresso at home?
all thanks to his magnificent Jura machine.
the curry noddle here comes with a sauce with tomatoes, chilis and lotsa garlic innit
garlic lovers will love this place.
Ta-DA!!!!!!! with some lime and mint leaves
it comes with a bowl of treasure....hehehehehehe
in the treasure bowl u'll get:
crispy roast pork
char siew

and at the bottom of the treasure bowl
succulent steamed chicken
chicken intenstines
yummy beans sprout aka taugeh

Xin Quan Fang Curry Noddle Shop,
Hugh Low Street aka Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah,

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