Thursday, November 19, 2009

Japanese Flag

we went for foot reflexology in Ipoh....
and ended doing that plus head neck shoulder massage
plus chinese SCRUBBING Therapy
plus chinese CUPPING Therahy
*wah damn syiok and pain*
and came out battered like this
Si Fu Lawrence white as ivory with his salami tattoo
and miss Monkey tanned as usual with her japanese flag tattoo gone wrong
the darker the circles....the more teruk your conditions are
the Cupping therapy improves blood circulation
and also the Qi in the body
this method has been used for more than 2000 years and proven to relieves pain immediately

oh pain-can-die back *thanks to overused of Macbook on the couch*
is now light like feather...and I slept so well these few nites.
later that nite, the "tattoos" were not as intense as after our therapy...
Si Fu's one still so intense I think
u banyak angin lar!!!!
and back!!!! with marks/bruises fr the scrubbing therapy
yep..looked like ninja turtle but that's gonna be a week.
Out of 15 japanese flags..2 were fully gone.
JS snapped this pic and said my back look like my cosmetic pouch

I'm still walking high in my usual working dresses/bare backs
with ppl staring at it...wondering wat in the world are those

see see see neva see b4 izzit?


neil said...

Hahah! Your back really matched your pouch!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: most of them are fading now...should be gone by the weekend.