Thursday, November 19, 2009

White Coffee at Ipoh

the famous Ipoh White Coffee
why do they called it white????
coz it has got mixture of milk innit?
J&J clan drove all the way fr Singapore
it was James's first time driving up north..
his record by far was Club Med Cherating.
while the Chews played host this round
rest assured u'll be well fed
Prince C: "Mushroom head.....wat u wanna eat?"
"eh..if u notice, my hair is long's no longer mushroomie OK???"

Prince C: "then u are out-of-shape-mushroom-head"
mee goreng
yam cakes
i dunno wat do u call these....
it has a lot of sengkuang + dried shrimps innit
chee cheong fun!!! the kids lurve this
chinese sponge cake
onde onde
Bagaholic Tracie...can u make this?
toasted yummy bread with kaya + butter
my fav has got to be these
soft boiled free range eggs on thick toast!!!!!!
Tremain enjoyed it so much...he had the whole egg :)))))))))))Caden just woke up and got grumpy.....
pstttt...this Baby is a cam-whore...and kept on beggin JS to snap pic of him

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