Thursday, November 05, 2009

Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIF-W)

this was the Bintang Circle of Pavilion KL
*dun look like it rite?*
oh I like the way they have transformed this area

and the steps heading down to Bintang Circle made such grand entrance for all red carpet guests
plus a good platform for journalist and tonnes of photogs whom positioned themselves
for good shots
this place was designed for runway show
beautiful sultry Andrea Fonseka emcee-ed for the nite
oh yea the theme was: Sultry classic or ethnic prints
Maxmara took the guests' breathe away with its Autumn/Winter collection
I wished I could wear em here!!!
nvm nvm...Milan u wait for me yea...
3 more weeks and counting
Anita Sarawak made a special appearance
OMG!! her thighs are SMALLER than MINE!!!
I like the shape of her edgy top :)))
by Ashley Wong of Kapas Couture.
Monkey and Iconic Sal enjoying the show + champagnes
yes it's Mumm's champagne..meant to be popped open and showered with during F1
not for drinking.
and I showered my legs with champagne coz I accidentally erm...
has anyone tried champagne bubble bath?
show proceeded with Diane Von Furstenberg's Cruise collection
I lurve the dark blue wrapped tube dress
it was sooooo ME
standing ovation fr the crowd
Beautiful CS & Monkey at our "sultry classic" best
Monkey wore creation by a Thai Designer
*sorry can't recall its Thai name at the moment :P*

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