Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dotonbori, Osaka

Dotonbori has got a long history...dated back in 1612 when the canal along it was built. Of coz back then there wasn't all these huge billboards and neon lights shouting and screaming for attention.

This is almost the equivalent of Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur with all the yummy local delicacies and tourists.

the infamous crab restaurant but this isn't the famous Kani Douraku...the other one was down the street.

Blowfish obviously this place serves the poisonous Fugu Fish.
It's basically 2 long rows of shops lined with restaurants. Your eyes would be darting from left to right feasting on the sights.

the Kuidaore Taro Man, the symbol of Osaka...perpetually drumming his instrument. It was first installed here in 1950. The name Kuidaore means to ruin oneself through eating and drinking in excess....

I'll call it the Food Suicide.
every single food and travel TV channels will feature this Kuidaore Taro Man so I guess he's worth to be featured here on my blog...bahahahaha.

Giant sized Gyoza
the origin of gyoza brings us back in time to the Ming Dynasty. However the japanese types are different from the chinese version in terms of taste, amount of garlic and thickness of its skin

Seriously...there's so much to eat here but we came here with only 2 things in our mind..
1) Okonomiyaki
2) Takoyaki

Takoyaki = Grilled Octopus Balls served with generous amount of scallions, japanese mayonaise and sweet sauce. Takoyaki was created here in Osaka by Tomekichi Endo in 1935....

ohhhhh....I thought it was something of 15 years back? Coz I don't think Asians consume mayo yet back then?

Takoyaki is like any other Takoyaki
the only difference here in Osaka was its fillings was really moist and burst in ur mouth. So u gotta watch it when consuming them. There were generous amount of Octopus inside, which is pretty rare in this part of the world = Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong

Hello Green Dragon...are u eating some Takoyaki too? Watch it!! it's really hot and dun burn your thorny tongue.

oh well I've got mixed feelings about Dotonbori. If street food and eating while on the move is ur thing, this is the place :))))

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