Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bar hopping @ Soi Bangla

Every nite after our scrumptious dinner, it's bar-hopping session until the next morning. As though we were still 18. Sometimes I don't really know where did all those energy came from. Must be from that plate of Phad Thai??? hahahaha.

Holidays were meant to be relaxing, chilling and de-stressing. For this bunch of Kawaii tourists, this was it. I dunno if we looked Korean or Japanese...we were known as the Kawaii Gang everywhere. While Sexay Back Maggie was Rihanna. I hope she can sing like one too :)))
Think I've watched far too many pole dancing each nite that I can do one now. There's only a few professionals around, while the rest of the "supporting dancers" were merely bouncing off cellulite on the bar top. There were at least 50 dancers in this joint. So pick whichever one u like and buy her a drink. Oh don't worry, all the gals working here are 100% female by birth.

Beautiful CS was so inquisite all the time.
Beautiful CS: "How do u know if she's a he or a she?"
"aiyoooo, men dun have cellulite ok?? nor fats on their thigh, men are more lean..muscular... plus men has got huge feet...next time just check out their shoe size."

yea life is so unfair...MEN DON'T have CELLULITE!!!! ARGHHHH
The Kawai Gang - Sexay Back Maggie, Sally Betty, Beautiful CS and Monkey

we hopped to so many bars and clubs I can't remember what's wat. I guessed we didn't watch our drinks and soon lost count of wat we had. All I can remember was I danced so much, I broke my shoes on the way home...not one pair but 2 pairs throughout this trip. I am really a dancing queen bahahahaha.
Soon we went to our last joint of 100% ladyboys/katoeys bar
I like the demure one in black but she was soon off the bar coz someone picked her/him already. She has got sunsilk hair!!!
Sexay Back Maggie and Sally Betty were pretty tipsy...as I snapped this pic for them....I saw the ugliest ladyboy on stage...

all of us were: "Wat the hell? she's wearing flats???"
OMG someone please pull him/her down.
stupid chao ang moh dunno wat he's geting.
*slaps forehead*
if he buys lottery, 7 years sui
Soon the yellow-top-wearing-flats ladyboy was being picked up by the chao ang moh's friend.
*double triple smack forehead*All of us BLUEEEKKKKK puke

does he know wat he's getting?
or prollie he really truly wanted a ladyboy? in fact most of the time, these foreigners seriously dunno they are taking a ladyboy home.
*wham forehead onto the wall*

Once the ladyboys were being picked up, new ones will be replaced....there's a throng of them waiting at the side. We liked the one wearing striped top applying makeup sweet like barbie doll ladyboy but she's such a hot property....was long gone b4 she could even make it to the dancing table.
Soon we saw her....
Next...eye contact...
in less than a minute, she was down with us :P
Sexay Back Maggie was so happy here with "ShuShan"
Shushan is really a fun gal to be with. She's polite and demure.
Beautiful CS and Sally Betty wanted "proper" pic with ShuShan
yeah these 2 are the goodie goodie type :P
unlike Sexay Back Maggie and Notti Monkey
:P pffftttttt
can't remember how many shots we had
soon we attracted too many ladyboys and had to shoooooo them away.
yes shooooo them away like flies. We only wanted ShuShan
I know....we were so tipsy. But we managed to go home in one piece :P
no casualty *Except my heels*
group picca
and we "hep hep hep" with ShuShan until 4am? I really can't remember
hep hep hep
oh yes very happy indeed :P

Shushan admired Beautiful CS's assets coz it's 100% original. Hahaha
Ladyboys in Thailand are hoping that the government will create a third gender for them legally in official documentations such as passports. Some of the schools/universities have got a 3rd type of toilets just for them.
on the way home walking tipsy-ly we managed to grab a few Mcdonalds Pork Burger!!! oh yummms so so so juicy and good.
One last pic before we hit the shower and zzzZZzzzzz
Sally Betty said Shhhhhhh watever happened in Phuket stays in Phuket Ok gals???

and what's with the flower garlands on their necks?? I can't remember..
anyway I don't remember much of that nite so all details remained in Phuket :P

Fun time gals...let's do it all over again :))))

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