Friday, December 13, 2013

Phuket Getaway Trip :))

Fluffy Fat Thai rice, topped with red rice and finally some barley on top. So hearty :))))

The moment we touched down at 9.40am we did a lot on Day 1. Had a Formula One taxi ride to our resort, speedy check-in thanks to the loyalty membership card...oh well these days not many hotels let u check in the morning. We dashed to fill our tummy for lunch. But Beautiful CS's eyes were darting left and right at all the beachwear and dresses sold along the way. Oh yes woman, don't would be in the itinerary.

The ingredients for hotpot came like a hi-tea set. There's loads of greens here. The fresh prawns were all on skewers, we oso ordered some foreign looking fish paste, shrimp thinly sliced Kurobuta pork *which I forgot to snap pic*

Sexay Back Maggie is a mushroom this platter not only satisfied her cravings but proved too much for the 3 of us. There's like 7 different types of mushrooms here!!!!!

la-la-la all went in cooking happily...
my favourite was the shrimp paste stuffed in bamboo pith...very juicy and good texture
:))))) also the fish paste which came fresh and u can shape them any way u want before dropping it into the hotpot.

and so we ate for 2.5 hours here :P

the bomb was this plate of Crispy Roast Porkie which was double fried for that extra crunchiness. Though served with a sweet and spicy sauce...this is good enuff to be eaten on its own.

When it landed on our table....both of them were complaining the portion was too huge...Oh well they spoke too soon bcoz 3 gals just whacked everything from the hotpot, plus a huge plate of kurobuta sliced pork and this double fried crispy roast pork.

-_-" we are monsters...or prollie just got let out from the jail.

Beautiful CS, droppy eyes sleepy Monkey and Sexay Back Maggie....she's fondly known as Rihanna in Phuket...

Anyway all of us are known as the "Kawaii" gang when we roam at nite...coz we looked japanese/korean. Prollie my galfriends are but I still looked like a Monkey. A Thai Monkey coz everyone spoke Thai to me here.

This pic was taken after our blissful massage....I was so ready to go back to sleep b4 we congregated at this popular bar for drinks. It was pretty happening despite being only 4pm.

Later after filling our stomachs with food, shitload of beer and really good and cheap massage...we headed to the beach to watch sunset but oh my the sky was so overcast.

Hello I'm Rihanna and yes I'm Monkey
and this is the white like snow white Beautiful CS
After baking for 4 days...she was still this white..
Life is so unfair >.<

yeah and they said Monkey can eat so much without gaining weight
while Sexay Back can be as laid back and LOUD as she could and still looking sexay alwiz.

oh well that's pretty much life and it's alwiz UNFAIR.
So be thankful of what u have, don't wish for too many things that u may want to possess, because it will never be enuff. So the 3 of us were pretty much thankful for our years of friendship, laughter, bitching about, tears and sadness and also challenges in life. More like shitload of drama in our lives.

Slowly we headed back to our resort and wait for the 4th person to join us that evening. This editor-in-chief was so bz, or perpetually busy...she had to catch the later flight to join us.

So wait for it..there will be more sexay postings up on this blog :)
Happy Friday the 13th folks!!!

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