Friday, August 10, 2012

Object of Desire 0017: Tiffany Yellow Diamonds

a few months ago, Peakie D was flown into Tokyo for the special 175th year anniversary celebration of Tiffany & Co and she took one single pic of this beautiful necklace. *u lucky woman!!!!!*

Peakie D told Monkey u literally needed a sunshade to preview this special necklace bcoz it's so brilliant!!!!
and when I saw it....WOOOAAHHHHHH~~~~~ a sun, it shone endlessly no matter how u hold it
u see wat I mean???
it has got this fiery yellow intensity
every gal is familiar with this portrait of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's
the Tiffany yellow diamond was unveiled in this movie

do u have any idea how big is this Tiffany yellow diamond?
when first found and mined it was 287.42 carats!!!!
then it was cut to a 128.54 carats to maximize its brilliance

usually the famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond is on display at its flagship store in New York
and for the 175 years celebration it was taken on tour in major cities around the world
Peakie D u were so so so lucky!!!!
well I'm not a person who fancy yellow diamond....
but yesterday I was at Tiffany to collect something and.........
I told myself over and over again
I should have just focused on my mission which was just to retrieve my diamond ring and walk out

but I guess the retail team has been trained to do things slowly and give MORE TIME for the customers to linger inside its beautiful store
the slower they were in processing my ring
the longer I spent
the more I see
ARGHHHH *pulls hair*
all the beautiful jewelries set with brilliant yellow diamonds were calling my names
they were so so so beautiful aren't they?

the Sales Assistant was very sensitive to my needs and wants
soon Monkey was seen trying them on
*smack head onto mirror*
Monkey, let's not walk near Tiffany anymore OK
it will be my object of desire....not meant to be owned..
only meant to be admired

and when I was about to leave, the S.A. told me...
"Miss Monkey, we'll contact you when we launch this Yellow Diamond collection soon. It will be the most opulent event in town."

GAH....dun bother...please!!!
spare me :P
if u can't get enuff, please to watch the video
I was so intoxicated by it the whole evening and nite

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Anonymous said...

hehehehehe.....where is JS's comment??


CHER-RY said...

Elly: yeah I m also waiting for his comment...*ahem ahem* :P