Thursday, August 23, 2012

Retirement Partay at Zouk

Beautiful CS and Hot Mama Thevi had a retirement partay 2 weekends ago
it's awesome to be able to do this at an early age huh?
*I can't afford to retire yet...still need to sell watever kidney/organs left to subsidize my expenses*

soon they will join the other 2 tai-tais in the club ->> Million-Dollar-Smile Encee and Hot Babe Shen
the other 2 came so late that Sweet Devil Rachel had to ask them if they are only coming after "Sahur" >.<

to have quality of life and spending time with loved ones is something money can't really buy
and to be able to do it while you are young and able is something even rare
so Hot Mama Thevi, all of us are really really envious of you
Sexay Back Maggie brought her beau out to play that nite
and it will be Shy Chatwin's first and last outing bcoz the ladies were too aggressive and scared that poor boy >.<

Sexay Back Maggie was complaining a few days later of how Shy Chatwin was being molested the entire nite/morning

Monkey: "EHHH EHHH EHHH I didn't touch him ok???"
Sexay Back: "But he said u main mata with him wor!!!!!"
Monkey -_-"
so those that been soliciting him the entire nite.....u better not go near Sexay Back for the next few weeks...hahahahahaha.
too many uncensored pics of him being molested that are not censorable :P
so in the end, no posting!!!!

Sweet Devil Rachel and Macho Mani
we are waiting for good news from both of u yea :)))))))
Monkey and Beautiful CS
technically she's not retired yet but it's gonna be retirement for the next few months in her life
enjoy it while it last, before u start work again...coz we know u damn well
the Queen of Workaholic of all

tipsy Hot Mama Thevi and Sweet Devil Rachel
I dunno wat happen next, coz I left early at 2.30am....
*Zouk opens till 5.00am*
yeah was called a party pooper
so sorry peeps!!!
and when u are tipsy happy and drunk....u give ur fav gal a tight slap on the back and leave a jet li palm print
hahahaha nope...I definitely did not do that

that was one helluva nite
Happy Retirement Hot Mama Thevi
enjoy your long holiday in down under!!!!

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