Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All in a Day's work

Last Friday, Monkey was busy dashing up and down the office building for meetings and appointments....coz I usually do it at Starbucks
so I was traveling with the lift...down for appointments...then back up for internal meetings...then down for more appointments and so on

in fact this is my usual morning routine before I head out for more lunch appointments/meetings/market visits etc

out of my busy morning routine of dashing up and down, Chris da Boss was trying to be funny and hid my handbag. Of all the places...he shoved it to the corner among the carton boxes inside a storeroom before he himself headed out for his meetings

yes my Prada bag
yes inside the filthy storeroom

2 hours later, I realised that my bag was gone
*yes it took that long*
either I was not receptive to my personal belongings or I WAS THAT FREAKING BUSY

so on Monday....which was yesterday...it was Monkey's turn
nyek nyek nyek
the moment he stormed to the toilet for his routine morning "session", Monkey had his car key.....
went down to his usual same parking lot for the past 8 years....and re-parked it at a different spot.
came back up the office and he's still doin his "session"...so I had plenty of time.

and it HAD to be yesterday, that he had a really REALLY extremely important and urgent meeting in Cyberjaya :P a place he's not familiar with...bcoz he asked Monkey for directions and address etc much earlier in the morning. So after his "session" he rushed down to the basement parking to get his car for his meeting which was 56km away and...... of coz he was running late...

the clock ticked...
I waited for his call...
it was the longest 15 minutes I ever had before his call came in.
*bcoz he went to every single level/deck to check for his car :P*

"Baby Wei, can u direct me to Mommy Jacky?"
and when he got through...
"Mommy Jacky, can u gimme the security office's number? I think I've lost my car?"
and so Mommy Jacky gave him the number....

well u know the rest... :P
He said over the phone, he's gonna kill me today
so wish me luck folks!!!! If there's no update on this blog tmrw morning, u'll know what happen to me

All in a Day's work :)))))))
Moral of the story is...don't mess with Monkey hahahaha

Nope, the actual moral of the story is...never ever have routines/habits that are predictable...in today's dangerous world, u'll never know who's watching you.
so for a change...go and do something different today :))) park at a different spot, eat somewhere else, approach a problem from a different angle, see things in life differently.
shall we?


Anonymous said...

i simply love u YC...


big hugs,

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wow... lesson well learnt! muahahaha... you got lotsa guts Cherry... hehehe


Anonymous said...

wahahaha....u notti monkey!

Maggie said...

HAHAHA I SUPPORT BIG TIME!! Padan muka ur boss!!

CHER-RY said...

MC: hahahah I love u too :))))

Food Dreams: lesson learnt not to kacau ppl? hehehehehe

Melissa: yes as the name of the blog suggests...

Sexay Back Maggie: so when is ur boss's turn? I can come over to help :P